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Martha Stewart Cooks ‘Best’ Christmas Dinner After Canceling Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart Cooks ‘Best’ Christmas Dinner After Canceling Thanksgiving

It’s a good sign that noted food “slacker” (just kidding) Martha Stewart helped prep a pretty rad Christmas dinner for family and friends after the homemaking icon broke the internet by “canceling” Thanksgiving this year.

Stewart, 82, shared photos of the food as she visited a friend’s house on Monday. She traveled to the home of Christopher Spitzmiller and Anthony Bellomo. They live near Stewart in Bedford, N.Y.

Martha Stewart took to Instagram to show off her cooking results. She showed off a seven-rib roast that she worked on, adding that Pat Lafrieda, a close friend, helped Stewart to find the “best” meat for this festival. Besides the roast, side dishes included corn pudding, caviar, Brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, and a radicchio pomegranate.

Stewart was without relatives for this Christmas. They chose to travel to Japan and spend the holiday season over there. That includes Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, and grandchildren, Truman and Jude.

Martha Stewart Finds Cooking Option for Thanksgiving

What, though, led Martha Stewart to cancel Thanksgiving? As it turns out, Stewart was just cooked out. She talked about it during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. And the cancelation was not about the holiday itself.

“I gave up Thanksgiving. I canceled,” she said. “Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick. So … I called up my chef friend and I said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving.’”

Martha Stewart, though, had put in her cooking work for the holiday. She already had prepped food ahead of Turkey Day. “I’ve also cooked 14 turkeys already for my TV show, and I still have to [cook] one more turkey on the Today show,” she explained. “So forget it.”

Well, her dinner plans did get canceled. Not Thanksgiving the holiday. “What I canceled was the planned gathering at my house due to guest cancellations and new travel plans!” Stewart said in a social media post. Martha Stewart found time to celebrate the day. She even baked 30 pies in two days for Thanksgiving.

Stewart Shows Off Photo Of Herself At 14

Don’t be fooled, though, when it comes to holidays and Martha Stewart’s love for them. In fact, she recently posted a photo of herself at 14 years old standing in front of a Christmas tree.

“This picture of me at 14 was taken by my father in front of the Kostyra tree,” Stewart wrote on Facebook, referencing her maiden name. “I am all decked out in holiday finery—my first formal dress, sewn at home by Mother and me: ice-blue taffeta with a pink net overlay and pink tulle gloves.”

Reflecting on Christmases in the past, Martha Stewart said that the holiday “was always a day filled with a flurry of activity, from baking and cooking to decorating and gifting.”

We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see if Martha Stewart will team up with her rapper friend, Snoop Dogg, for a new commercial in 2024. Besides her appearances with Clarkson and the Today crew, Stewart also stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show. She also did an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.