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Marie Osmond Says She’s ‘Fulfilled Bucket List’ After Starring on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Marie Osmond Says She’s ‘Fulfilled Bucket List’ After Starring on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Although she has been in the entertainment industry for decades, Marie Osmond said her upcoming role in The Bold and the Beautiful is helping her fulfill her bucket list. 

During a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Osmond spoke about her new role and how she loved soap operas for years. She was in talks for a soap opera role prior to her 11-year Las Vegas residency. “I was talking to Brad [Bell] and all this stuff,” she recalled.  “And he goes, ‘We need to have you on,’ and I went, ‘Oh my gosh, that would be incredible’”

However, Marie Osmond said she ended up being so busy with her career and didn’t have time for the soap opera. “When you have [an] 11-year residency, we had a real residency: five days a week, all year, off to tour summers and Christmas. So, in order to do anything extracurricular was really, really tough with the schedule.”

Osmond noted that after her residency officially came to an end, she made it a goal to explore her “bucket list.” She gushed about her current album, Unexpected, making its debut at No. 1 on Billboard. “I mean, I’ve had hit records and No. 1s, but never debut. It kept going up into the charts. It went up and into the top 10, 29 different times, and I went ’29- my age.’”

Other items on her bucket list included jumping out of a plane, climbing Mount Sinai with her son, and zip-lining over a waterfall. All of which she has done. The final item, The Bold and the Beautiful role, makes the list complete. 

Marie Osmond Admits She Finds Acting ‘Scary’

Along with discussing her role on The Bold and the Beautiful, Marie Osmond admitted that acting is actually pretty scary for her. She also doesn’t consider herself an actress. 

“I love acting, and I always wanted to be [an actress],” Osmond explained. “I studied with Lee Strasberg when I was, you know, right out of Donny and Marie, but when our family lost all the money, we had to all go back to work. I’m the kind of person that I was raised — the only failures in life are those who fail to try. You can’t get better if you don’t give it a shot, and so I did.”

Aside from The Bold and the Beautiful, Marie Osmond has made appearances in three Lifetime films and guest starred on FOX’s Fantasy Island. However, her role in the soap opera is one that stands out. “Brad called and he said, ‘You know I have this big special coming up where ’Young [and] the Restless’ and ‘The Beautiful People’ are going to be on,’ and I know a lot of them. He said, ‘Do you want to be on it?’ and I said, ‘You know what? Let’s do this.’”

Marie Osmond’s The Bold and The Beautiful episode aired on Friday (October 27th).