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Mariah Carey Stuns in Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Mariah Carey Stuns in Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Singer Mariah Carey is tossing back the time clock just a little bit thanks to her amazing Halloween costume. Carey decked out in the red dress and bright lipstick, synonymous with Jessica Rabbit. Of course, the character made her first appearance in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? But she has become one of the most popular Halloween characters.

Carey shared a couple of pictures of herself dressed like Jessica Rabbit on Tuesday. And her fans know that Halloween is simply one more day away from it truly being the Season of Mariah. You can expect to hear All I Want For Christmas Is You to start playing on the radio very, very soon.

Back in 1988, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? hit the movie theaters. It starred Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant, a cartoon-hating detective. When he is accused of murder, only one person can help him out: a cartoon rabbit named Roger Rabbit. Charles Fleischer provided the voice to Roger, while Kathleen Turner provided the voice to Jessica.

Other people who appeared in the movie include Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, and Stubby Kaye.

Mariah Carey Gets Ready For Christmas Show

As for Carey, she’s getting ready to take her Christmas show into Cleveland. That’s right. If you live there, then you can go see her at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on Dec. 7. Tickets go on sale on Nov. 3.

Just a couple of days ago, Carey was hanging out with Kris Jenner. They took a selfie together and shared it on social media. People report that Jenner put together the following on Instagram: “Dinner with my girl @mariahcarey.” Jenner adds that she spent her time with Carey “catching up” with the 54-year-old singer — “and trying to convince her ‘it’s time’!!!!!”

The “it’s time” refers to a video released last year. In it, Carey gets rid of a witch’s costume and exchanging that for Christmas clothing. It was her way of letting people know that the seasons have changed.

Due to Carey’s smash hit song, the Christmas season, for many, has become synonymous with her. It’s a way to bring modern music into the holiday season. Carey appears to not mind one bit that the holiday season is aligned with her name.

Carey has taken her Christmas show to different cities over the years. She even did a concert at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Her shows during the Christmas season are filled with a lot of different songs. But they all have the Carey touch to them. Fans still love to come out and hear her sing. It makes the holiday season that much better for them, too.