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Mariah Carey Sets Record Straight About Being the ‘Queen Of Christmas’

Mariah Carey Sets Record Straight About Being the ‘Queen Of Christmas’

Mariah Carey doesn’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing she needs—for everyone to understand that she never dubbed herself the Queen of Christmas.

The songstress is known for her many hits throughout her three decades on the radio. But out of all her chart-toppers, her holiday favorite All I Want For Christmas Is You is arguably her most iconic. The single has gone platinum 16 times in the United States. It has also reached that milestone several times in other countries around the globe, and despite being nearly 30 years old, it has held onto its fame. All I Want For Christmas Is You reached no.1 on the Billboard charts from 2019 through 2022. As of this November, it was holding onto the no. 2 spot.

With the non-stop popularity of the song, it would be reasonable for the pop diva to consider herself the Queen of Christmas, and there have been many rumors claiming she gave herself that title. However, Mariah Carey vehemently swears she never said such a thing.

Mariah Carey Says There Can Only Be One ‘Queen of Christmas’ and it’s Not Her

In December 2022, Carey visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he called her out for wearing the holiday crown. She immediately set the record straight.

“First of all, may I say, I never called myself the Queen of Christmas. Can we please be clear on that?” she asked. “…They can look up every interview I’ve ever done, and not to get super religious, but I think if anybody would be the Queen of Christmas, that would be Mary.”

The singer acknowledged that Colbert never “accused” her of saying she was the queen. However, she was fed up with all the people who have because she believes “Christmas is for all.” So no one but Mary reigns supreme.

“I just happen to really love Christmas because I had kind of a tough childhood and I always wanted Christmas to be perfect and it never was,” Carey said. “So then, when I was able to finally provide myself with, and my friends, and now my little kids who are 11, we have the most festive Christmas ever”

Mariah Carey added that her Christmas songs resonate so deeply because they’re “actually authentic.”

“[They come] from a place of longing to have some normalcy and some peace and just like a lovely holiday,” she added.