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Macy’s Parade: Kenan and Kel Cruise in Good Burger Mobile, Shout ‘You’re a Dude’ at Al Roker

Macy’s Parade: Kenan and Kel Cruise in Good Burger Mobile, Shout ‘You’re a Dude’ at Al Roker

A throwback like no other, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell made a special appearance in the Good Burger mobile at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

While making their way through the parade, the Good Burger stars waved to the crowd while shouting “You’re a dude!” to Today’s Al Roker. 

Thompson and Mitchell revealed that they were making an appearance at this year’s big event during their interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (Nov. 22). While speaking about the original Good Burger film, Kel told the late-evening talk show host that his character, Ed, was actually a pizza guy originally. “I used to watch Saved By The Bell and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure and we used to make fun of those like what if a valley guy lived in Chicago,” Mitchell explained. 

The actor also showed off his “Milli Vanilli wig” from Good Burger. “I put it on and it’s like when Peter Parker turned into Spiderman,” he declared.”

Good Burger 2 is now in theaters and streaming on Paramount+.

Kel Mitchell Spoke About Doing a ‘Good Burger’ Sequel

During a recent interview with NPR, Kel Mitchell opened up about getting to reprise his role as clueless Ed in the Good Burger sequel. 

“Well, we’ve been wanting to do part two since part one,” Mitchell explained. The original film premiered in 1997. “And I feel like about two years ago, that’s when it started to really get on its feet.”

Mitchell stated that when the Good Burger cast did the Jimmy Fallon reunion, it was super amazing. “The fans loved it,” the actor gushed. “ It just made it more real. We had already been talking about doing it more, but that got the studios like, ‘OK, yeah, we really need to do this.’”

When asked how he approached Ed’s voice for the Good Burger films, Mitchell said he created the voice during his audition for the original film. “It was a voice that I was doing here in Chicago when I was doing theater. And I would always have fun with my cousins.”

In regards to working with Kenan Thompson again, Mitchell spoke about their friendship. “I mean, this is like my brother. This is what you hope for. You’re playing a character and you have these friendships that usually when you say cut in some of these movies, you might not talk to the person again for a while, but for us, it’s been awesome.”