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Macaulay Culkin’s Sons Make First Public Appearance at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Macaulay Culkin’s Sons Make First Public Appearance at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Although Macaulay Culkin and his fiancee Brenda Song are notorious for keeping his children out of the spotlight,  the Home Alone star’s sons were front and center for the first time during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday, Dec. 1. 

People reports that during the ceremony, Culkin was seen kissing the head of his younger son, whose name has not been announced. His older son, Dakota, was sitting on a friend’s lap nearby. 

During his Hollywood Walk of Fame speech, Macaulay Culkin couldn’t thank Song and their two sons enough for their love and support. “I’d like to thank Brenda. You’re absolutely everything,” he stated about his fiancee. “You’re the best person I’ve ever known. And after the birth of our two boys, you’ve become one of my three favorite people.”

Culkin and Strong met on the set of their film Changeland and started dating in March 2018. Culkin stated in 2020 that he and Song were trying to start a family. “We practice a lot,” he told Esquire. “We’re figuring it out, making the timing work. Because nothing turns you on more than when your lady comes into the room and says, ‘Honey, I’m ovulating.’”

Practice makes perfect it seems, because in April 2021, the couple welcomed Dakota. Strong had their second child in December 2022.

Brenda Strong Describes Her and Macaulay Culkin as Being ‘Hands-On’ Parents 

While speaking to The Cut in 2022, Brenda Song spoke about how she and Macaulay Culkin are “hands-on” when it comes to their parenting. “We don’t have a nanny,” she explained. “But my mom has been here with us since [Dakota] was born.”

Song also said that when she was working her mother would bring Dakota to set so she could breastfeed and see him during the day. “ People tell you a lot about labor and pregnancy, but not about the fourth trimester. To my girlfriends who are pregnant I say, make sure you have help. Because your instinct is to want to do it all and you physically can’t.”

When it comes to splitting household duties Song revealed she and Macaulay Culkin have a great system in place – it’s all about communication. “I think when you and your partner have kids, especially the first few months, you don’t have the patience to be polite with each other. Being communicative when you need help is so important.”

She then added that instead of having set duties, the duo just “feels” each other out. “I’ll be putting my son down and my partner is like, ‘Let me feed the animals and get dinner ready.’”