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Macaulay Culkin’s Sons Are Winning the Hearts of Fans on Social Media

Macaulay Culkin’s Sons Are Winning the Hearts of Fans on Social Media

Macaulay Culkin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday with his sons in tow. Fans are already in love with the Culkin clones. The Home Alone legend made his first public appearance with his wife Brenda Song and their two sons as he was honored at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Images of the family are hitting social media, and fans are agog with the tykes. Mac’s older son, Dakota, rocked a rad mohawk, bringing a burst of punk vibes to the occasion.

Dakota is a spitting image of his father in his child star days and fans took note. “Their baby is a clone of him! What a cutie,” one fan commented on Instagram. “Omg he looks so much like his daddy! I see Brenda but he’s like 90 percent of Macaulay!”, another fan exclaimed.

Over on Twitter, fans were also abuzz. “OMG, that child is sooo adorable. Both mom and dad look great. Toddler wants to run, lol.,” they joked.

One Home Alone fan couldn’t help but make a prediction. “His little boy could be in the next Home Alone movie,” they wrote. Another fan on Twitter took a potential sequel even further. “The only reboot I support is a Home Alone with Macauley[sp] Culkin & Brenda Song who leave their youngest child, Kevin McCallister Jr., at home,” they quipped.

Fans Noted How Natural Daddy Macaulay Culkin Looked with His Sons

Meanwhile, Culkin was captured in a tender moment, planting a kiss on the head of his younger son. The little one was dressed in a cozy grey knit vest and content with a pacifier in his mouth. While fans certainly noted how cute the toddler was, they also were impressed by how natural Culkin looked as a dad.

“So good to see him and his family looking great,” a fan noted on Instagram.”His son is a little cutie!” Another Instagram user echoed the sentiment. “He looks good and his son is adorable,” they wrote.

Still, another fan couldn’t help but take stock of the passage of time seeing Culkin all grown up with a family. “When Kevin [his character from Home Alone] has a kid. Now I really feel old,” they quipped.

Culkin and actress Brenda Song crossed paths while filming their movie Changeland in Thailand, sparking a romantic connection shortly after. Despite their fame, the two actors have chosen to keep their relationship relatively private on social media. The couple welcomed Dakota on April 5, 2021, and news of their engagement became public early last year.