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Lynda Carter Snaps Pic With Lookalike Daughter at Paris Fashion Week

Lynda Carter Snaps Pic With Lookalike Daughter at Paris Fashion Week

Beauty took center stage when Lynda Carter posed for a couple of fun photos with her daughter, Jessica Carter Altman. They happened to be attending Paris Fashion Week, where the ladies could check out the newest fashions from around the world.

Carter wore a colorful shawl-looking coat with her black hair pulled back. It looks like she was wearing comfortable pants and shoes in one of the photos. Altman went for the hair-down look, along with a cute white top. It appears that Altman is wearing blue or black pants in a photo. She also is looking straight into the camera, holding up a bottle of champagne like a champion.

A second photo shows mother and daughter close together.

In the caption area on the Instagram photo, Carter wrote, “A couple of troublemakers in Paris.” She did not elaborate more than that, although we can assume that Carter and Altman had a good time.

Lynda Carter Fans Rave Over Look

Fans expressed their joy over seeing these two together in a photo. One of them wrote, “Like mother, like daughter. Two generations of beautiful and talented women. That’s why we love them!”

At one time, Altman was en route to becoming an attorney. But she put the brakes on that and moved her interest toward music. That’s something her mother knows a little bit about, too. “I’m really grateful for those experiences,” Altman said in a 2023 interview with Us Magazine. “But there was a difference between finding something stimulating, intellectually interesting, and enjoying it versus something that you are passionate about.”

Altman did graduate with a law degree from college, but split time between being a lawyer and a musician. She was still working as an attorney while figuring out the music part. Eventually, she decided to go into music on a full-time basis. And Altman had no hesitation in making sure that her mother received a dose of credit.

Jessica Altman Picks Up Tips From Mom

“I’ve obviously learned a lot from my mom,” Altman said. “A lot of it was really related to music, watching her perform and the band and the musicians that she’s put together. I learned a lot from her example. She’s an amazing storyteller. She’s an amazing entertainer. I remember the first time I saw her on stage. She had really stopped performing while I was growing up and then went back into performing when I was high school.”

In 2023, Altman married Dr. Ross Ulrich in Italy. Carter mentioned how Altman put the whole wedding service together on her own. “She did everything herself. She planned it, chose everything, and did everything,” Carter said during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show.

Carter, of course, made a name for herself in the 1970s, playing superhero Wonder Woman. It’s a daunting task to go about living a regular life with such an iconic role in Wonder Woman. The show fan

But Carter also found a career as a singer, too. She stepped away from the performing world in order to have her children. Now that they are older, Carter has returned to the stage and singing.

In the 1970s, Carter was featured in a few movies including Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw. After Wonder Woman ended, Carter picked up another TV starring role in Hawkeye.