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Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis Tease ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel in Reunion Photo

Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis Tease ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel in Reunion Photo

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis had a Freaky Friday reunion recently that was more than 20 years in the making. Curtis reiterated her eagerness for both of them to return to their iconic roles as the mother-daughter duo, Tess (Curtis) and Anna (Lohan), in a possible sequel.

In the 2003 fantasy comedy, two actors played a mother-daughter pair who were always at odds. Their lives took a surprising twist when they woke up in each other’s bodies, giving them a fresh outlook on life. Freaky Friday was a successful movie, loved by both critics and audiences, and it left a lasting impact, leaving fans eager for a sequel.

Following SAG-AFTRA’s successful strike to secure fair pay and career protections, Curtis commemorated the victory by sharing an Instagram photo. The snapshot captured a heartwarming reunion with her on-screen daughter, bringing back the nostalgic magic of Freaky Friday.

In a fitting Friday post, Curtis accompanied a photograph of the duo and praised Lohan’s growth since the release of the original movie. The actor also tagged Disney+ in the post, expressing her hopeful anticipation of a sequel now that the strike has ended. “Well, it’s Friday, and the strike is over, so hopefully, we can switch places again in the near future,” the Halloween icon wrote.

A ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel Might Be Underway with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis expressed her motivation to revisit the film Freaky Friday after encountering passionate fans during the press tour for her 2022 movie Halloween Ends. “As I went around the world with Halloween Ends, people wanted to know if there was going to be another Freaky Friday,” Curtis told The New York Times. “Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.’”

Lohan promptly responded to Curtis’s comments, sharing her own eagerness to make a comeback. After less than a year, it was officially announced that a sequel to Freaky Friday was in the works, with both leading actors anticipated to reprise their roles.

Curtis had planned for Freaky Friday 2 filming to start in 2024. However, in 2023, progress faced a major setback. Curtis and Lohan joined SAG-AFTRA’s strike actions, while writer Elyse Hollander showed solidarity with fellow writers on picket lines during the Writer’s Guild of America’s fight for a fairer industry.

However, now that the strike is over, things seem back on track. The photo of the pair and the eager fan response to it is a reminder that audiences are clamoring for a sequel.