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Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals One Thing He Wants to Do Before Turning 50

Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals One Thing He Wants to Do Before Turning 50

Although he recently celebrated turning 49, Leonardo DiCaprio says he has one more thing on his bucket list before celebrating his 50th birthday next November. 

While promoting his new film Killers of the Flower Moon,  Dicaprio revealed to the Good Morning America crew the one thing in mind that he wants to do before his next birthday. “You know what? Just one more movie,” he said. 

Also speaking about working with Killers of the Flower Moon director Martin Scorsese again, Leonardo DiCaprio stated he’s never seen the filmmaker meet somebody for the first time and immediately want to hire them. That was until his co-star Lily Gladstone. 

“The respect … and dedication that she gave to telling the story through the Osage viewpoint the right way,” he declared. “She kind of represented her own grandmother in a lot of ways.”

Gladstone further recalled telling her grandmother about the film. Although she knew Scorsese and Robert De Niro, her grandmother didn’t know who Leonardo DiCaprio was. “‘Who?’” Gladstone recalled. “So I pulled out Titanic.” 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Co-Star Recently Revealed What the Film Means to Native Americans

Prior to the Good Morning America interview, Leonardo DiCaprio’s co-star Lily Gladstone explained what Killers of the Flower Moon means to Native Americans. 

“The most pressing thing I’ve wanted to say about Killers of the Flower Moon, especially to Native Women and Youth: See it when and only if you feel ready,” she stated. “And see it with people you feel safe with. You’ll likely have a lot of generational grief to process. You’re not alone.”

Gladstone declared that she’s so proud of the film because it has so many Osage Nation leaders, artists, educators, and community advocates. “Never forget this story is recent history with a lasting impact on breathing, and feeling people today. It belongs to them, [and] we all have so much to learn from it.”

Leonardo DiCaprio echoed Lily Gladstone’s stance on the film. “The story is a microcosm for many other stories about the persecution of Native Americans. But look, this is still going on today.”

According to IMDb, Killers of the Flower Moon follows when oil was discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land. As soon as this happens, the Osage people are murdered one by one – until the FBI steps in to solve the mystery. Starring in the film with Gladstone, DiCarprio, and De Niro are Jesse Plemons, John Lithgow, Tantoo Cardinal, and Brendan Fraser. The film, which premiered last month, has generated $146.4 million.