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Laurie Metcalf’s Net Worth: How Much Does the ‘Roseanne’ Star Make on ‘The Conners’?

Laurie Metcalf’s Net Worth: How Much Does the ‘Roseanne’ Star Make on ‘The Conners’?

Laurie Metcalf has built quite a career on top of her role as Jackie on Roseanne and The Conners, but what is her net worth? Metcalf started out working in the theater world. But television and movies came calling for her and she answered the call.

A native of Carbondale, Illinois, Metcalf joined up with college friends, Terry Kinney and Jeff Perry. Those two men put together the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. It allowed Metcalf to get her start with that group.

But in 1988, she got the part of Jackie on Roseanne. It would change her life and bring her both success and prosperity. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Metcalf is worth $14 million. Playing the sister of Roseanne on the TV show, Metcalf received four Primetime Emmy Nominations. She won three Emmys in 1992, 1993, and 1994 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Nowadays, Metcalf pockets a cool $400,000 for each episode she works on The Conners. It ends up being $8 million per year as a salary.

Laurie Metcalf Finds Work After ‘Roseanne’

When Roseanne ended its run on ABC, Metcalf had to hit the streets again and find work. So, in 1999, she picked up a co-starring role with late comedian Norm MacDonald on The Norm Show. After her next series (Charlie Lawrence) got nixed fast, Metcalf found another meaty role.

She signed up to play Sheldon’s mother on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. It became so popular that showrunners brought her onto the show at a recurring pace. Laurie Metcalf adds to her net worth by playing the church-going, straight-edge mother of her “Shelley” so well. That 12-season run also brought her another Emmy nomination.

Roles in the HBO series Getting On along with Horace and Pete brought even more Emmy nominations her way.

When ABC brought back Roseanne in a rebooted format, Metcalf signed up to play Jackie again. Yet after one season, due in part to Barr sending out racist tweets online, ABC decided to dump Barr. Network executives, though, worked with showrunners to make adjustments to around the sitcom.

They came up with The Conners, which allowed the rest of the Roseanne cast [minus Barr] to keep the stories going.

Actress Uses Voice In ‘Toy Story’ Franchise

As we mentioned, Metcalf has been involved in several movies throughout her career. That list includes Desperately Seeking Susan and Making Mr. Right. But she also tackled tougher roles in films like A Dangerous Woman, Blink, and JFK. Animation work came along her way in 1995 by joining Toy Story. She then came back for the following sequels to the first one.

In 2008, Laurie Metcalf boosted her net worth by returning to theater work on Broadway and earned a Tony Award nomination for November. She also appeared in other plays like Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound. Metcalf won an Obie Award for appearing in The Other Place.

Then, in 2017, she made a lot of people take notice with her turn in Lady Bird. Award nominations flooded over Metcalf in the wake of this one. They included Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and Critics Choice nominations.

Metcalf has been married twice, to Jeff Perry in 1983 and actor Matt Roth in 1993 or 1994. Both marriages brought Metcalf daughters, Zoe and Akins, along with boys Will and Donovan. Metcalf and Roth adopted Donovan in 2006. Both marriages ended in divorce.