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Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Ties the Knot With Tony Hawk’s Son, Blows 90s Kids’ Minds

Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Ties the Knot With Tony Hawk’s Son, Blows 90s Kids’ Minds

Fans are still trying to wrap their heads around seeing Kurt Cobain’s daughter marry skateboard legend Tony Hawk’s son. Most of the people commenting on social media are wishing the happy couple, Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk, many years of joy and bliss. One person wrote, “The couple will have a talented child who can sing and skate. Congratulations”.

But wait, there’s a lot more reactions. This person thought about another couple when reading this news on TMZ. “I would need to see them together…kinda giving me Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley vibes except I don’t even know these ppl past who their parents are ..hey imjs” the person wrote. And this fan offered up a simple-yet-lovely sentiment, writing, “Wishing them a lifetime of happiness”. Just as much as anyone else would have.

This fan is quite pleased with the union. “Awe that’s sweet she looks like both mom and dad, but Frances has a good head on her shoulders good luck to them,” the fan wrote on Twitter. And there’s this comment from a Twitter follower on the marriage, who writes, “Those are going to be on talented babies”.

Well, we come upon one fan who is having flashbacks to another era. The person writes, “Gen-Xers around the world rejoice.” Indeed they do with this incredible news coming into their lives. For this fan, the memory brings up a collaboration between Kurt and Tony. “Tony has that beautiful Jeff Philips board handpainted by Kurt .. cosmic. Wish them love.”

Fan Calls Cobain, Hawk Their ‘New Favorite Celebrity Couple’

Talk about popular couples! This could be one of those that people talk about for a long, long time. And here’s another fan reaction to the news: “My new favorite celebrity couple”. So move over J-Lo and George Clooney and your partners. Here come the Hawks!

This fan obviously had their mind on the Opening Night of the National Basketball Association season. They wrote, “And she shares a middle name with Kobe Bryant.” Well, this fan crosses the streams between music and skateboarding. They write, “It’s wild to think that her dad was in Nirvana, and his dad wears NirVans to skate!”

Some people who follow the ’90s to the core might find some humor in this fan’s comment: “This is some Gen-X hall of fame s**t”. And there may be a few who agree with this fan’s personal sentiment: “New level of feeling old”.

And, who says you cannot feel young at heart again? This fan defies the odds and comments, “Omg this is making my 12-year-old self so happy, I can’t even deal”. A more common celebratory comment is this one: “Congrats are in order. Wishing them a lifetime of wedded bliss.”