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‘Knight Rider’ Cast: Then and Now

‘Knight Rider’ Cast: Then and Now

Mix a fast-talking sports car with a mind of its own along with David Hasselhoff and you’ve got a recipe for Knight Rider. Between 1982 and 1986, Knight Rider held down a spot on NBC’s Friday night lineup. Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, who worked closely with his four-wheeled friend K.I.T.T. They took on the bad guys and, supported by a pretty solid cast, lit up television sets with action and adventure.

Looking back on Knight Rider, one wonders where the cast is today. Let’s turn back the clock a little and check on the cast.

David Hasselhoff

This guy got his start by playing a doctor for seven years on The Young and the Restless. But David Hasselhoff started taking on superstar levels of success as Michael Knight on Knight Rider. He worked alongside K.I.T.T. to keep criminals and other bad dudes at bay.

Hasselhoff even gained popularity for his singing exploits in Europe. But in America, not so much. Still, he was not through with television. Hasselhoff’s next stop was playing Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch. This show was canceled after one season, but Hasselhoff kept Baywatch going. His gamble paid off as the show reached international popularity. Its final episode was seen by almost one billion people in 40 countries.

Hasselhoff, though, knew that Knight Rider was an important show. He also appeared in movies and TV shows lampooning himself or the Michael Knight character.

But in later years, he found himself dealing with alcoholism. It came to a head in 2008 when a video of a drunken Hasselhoff was released to the public. The video also showed his daughter yelling at him about his drinking.

These days, he’s clean and sober and enjoying life.

Patricia McPherson

Patricia McPherson played Bonnie Barstow, an engineer who looked after K.I.T.T. and the car’s condition. Show producers wanted a little more hotness on the show, so she was dumped. Hasselhoff, though, was not pleased with her replacement. After sharing his thoughts, McPherson came back for Season 3 and stayed until the end.

After Knight Rider, McPherson did a few TV guest-star appearances. She left the acting world in 1991 after two guest shots on Matlock, starring Andy Griffith. McPherson turned her attention to wildlife conservation and is in that world these days.

Edward Mulhare

A veteran actor, Edward Mulhare played Devon Miles on Knight Rider. Miles headed up The Foundation for Law and Government. Mulhare’s character brought some balance into the show. Mulhare gained his first television exposure by appearing in The Adventures of Robin Hood in 1956.

Mulhare popped into some movies, too, including Von Ryan’s Express alongside Frank Sinatra. He made a big impression in the late 60s sitcom The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, co-starring Hope Lange. Mulhare died in 1997 at 74 years old.

Rebecca Holden

In Season 2 of Knight Rider, Rebecca Holden played April Curtis, a mechanical engineer looking after K.I.T.T. She was good in the role, but Hasselhoff wanted McPherson back as Bonnie. So long, Rebecca and April. Holden caught a big break by being “the Breck girl” for women’s shampoo.

That led to TV roles on Three’s Company and Barney Miller. After her time on Knight Rider ended, she headed over to General Hospital where she played Elena. Holden also counts a turn in a 2020s revival of a 1990s hit show, Saved By the Bell. Holden is alive and well in her mid-60s.

Peter Parros

In Season 4, Peter Parros joins the K.I.T.T. team as Reginald Cornelius III or RC3. Bonnie Barstow brought RC3 into the group to help rebuild the supercar after an incident with the Juggernaut. Once Knight Rider ended, his schedule was open. Parros was cast in a lead role in 1989 in a reboot of The New Adam-12. Parros is still alive in his early 60s.

Richard Basehart

The veteran actor played Wilton Knight, who founded the Foundation for Law and Government. Knight saved Michael’s life and turned him into a crime-fighter. Basehart also provided his voice to the show’s introduction.

Most classic TV fans will remember him from playing Admiral Nelson on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Basehart died in September 1984 at 70 years old.

William Daniels

You only heard his voice, but William Daniels gave K.I.T.T., an amped-up Pontiac Trans Am his voice and character, according to Do You Remember. Daniels was doing double duty for NBC at this time. He played Dr. Mark Craig in an Emmy Award-winning role for St. Elsewhere.

But it was just his voice that was needed on Knight Rider. In the 1990s, Daniels played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World. He reprised the role in the spinoff Girl Meets World.

Daniels is still alive and well at 96, married to actress Bonnie Bartlett.