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Kenan Thompson Didn’t Own Jeans Until This Year, Here’s Why

Kenan Thompson Didn’t Own Jeans Until This Year, Here’s Why

Kenan Thompson has been on Saturday Night Live since 2003 and one might think he’d have a good amount of different clothes. Well, that’s not been the case. Thompson happens to admit in his new book that he didn’t own a pair of jeans. That all changed, though, when he did an advertisement for Old Navy.

“I did a thing with Old Navy recently and they hit me with a bunch of clothes, including actual pants and jeans,” Thompson wrote in his book, When I Was Your Age: Life Lessons, Funny Stories & Questionable Parenting Advice From a Professional Clown. “By golly, I’m wearing them. I didn’t have any jeans before, but now I have five different shades of jeans — black, brown, gray, blue, white! So I’ve been showing up to work in pants instead of sweatpants, and I’m very proud of myself.”

The veteran actor-comedian happened to work on a bit titled Lil Interns for Old Navy. In it, Thompson signs up for an internship with a clothing company. The kicker is that the company is filled with children.

“It’s a little jarring to wear pants that don’t have elastic, and yet I feel like a more responsible adult,” Thompson wrote. “I’ve been combining my new pants with some flannel shirts and moccasins or loafers, and I’ve been getting such a positive response from the cast and crew. It’s like, ‘Hey, man, you look like an adult!’ And I say back, ‘Thank you, other adult!’”

Kenan Thompson Remembers When He Blew Sketch

While Kenan Thompson is riding the good ship of success these days, that was not always the case. He looks back with fondness on his time with SNL. But those doubts started creeping into his head, according to People.com. It was not until a chat with SNL legend Maya Rudolph that Thompson “got” why he was picked for the show.

In the book, Thompson fesses up to his first couple of years on SNL as filled with rookie mistakes. He adds that his confidence took a nosedive after blowing a sketch written by T. Sean Shannon. It was titled Randy the Bellhop with Thompson playing Randy. He was to show that week’s guest host Alec Baldwin and regular Rachel Dratch to their room. Let’s just say Randy made a lot of mistakes.

“I was excited for the first opportunity to showcase my chops on the big stage,” Thompson wrote in the book. “Thing was, I couldn’t make it through dress rehearsal. I stuttered over this one line and couldn’t ad-lib my way out of it.”

Kenan Thompson found himself in a panic. He could not shake himself out of the feeling. Sadly, the sketch did not go on live television. Again, he pointed to his chat with Rudolph as meaningful.