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Kelsey Grammer Reveals His Holiday Plans With His Seven Children

Kelsey Grammer Reveals His Holiday Plans With His Seven Children

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer is excitedly gearing up to jingle all the way through the holidays with his seven children. The veteran actor, who recently appeared in the Paramount+ revival of his most iconic sitcom character, revealed his intention to celebrate Christmas with his family in the comfort of his home.

“We’re going to be in L.A. We always wrestle with – well, should we just travel? But then, honestly, home is home. And it’s nice to be home for Christmas and to celebrate and sit under the tree and have a fire and all the things we can still do,” Grammer told Fox News.

Grammer with daughter Mason Olivia, 22, and son Jude Gordon, 19, (pictured in 2014, Rob Kim/Getty Images)

It’s really lovely,” he added. “We have a magnificent family. And it’s grown and grown throughout my years. You know, I’m up to seven kids and of all different ages. And it’s fantastic.” However, Kelsey Grammer’s holiday wish with his children is quite simple. “And if they can all be in the same room together and happy and smiling – nothing makes me happier. That’d be my Christmas present.”

Kelsey Grammer Admits That His Christmas Dream With His Children May Not Come True

The Cheers alum admitted that his Christmas dream may not come true. “But, you know, we’ll see,” Grammer quipped. “Some days that doesn’t work out so well. You know, because families are families. But that’s my dream.”

Grammer with daughter Greer Grammer, 31, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Barrie Buckner. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kelsey Grammer, who has been married four times, shares the eldest of his children, a daughter named Spencer Grammer, 40, with his first wife Doreen Alderman. He is also the father of Greer Grammer, 31, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Barrie Buckner.

Grammer also has two children, Mason Olivia (22) and Jude Gordon (19), from his previous marriage to Camille Grammer (55). In 2011, he tied the knot with Kayte Walsh. Together, they have three children: daughter Faith Evangeline (11) and sons Kelsey Gabriel (9) and Auden James (7).

Meanwhile, Grammer also pondered the significance of faith in his life and how it has been instrumental in conquering adversities. “That’s always been sort of a moving target,” he revealed. “What’s nice is I lost my faith for a long time. When I was younger. I got it back.”

The Jesus Revolution star added, “Because God doesn’t give up on you. Sometimes we close, and we just say, ‘I’m not listening. I’m not here for this.’ But then there He is. And that’s been my experience.”