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Keith Richards Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Wife in Throwback Wedding Photo

Keith Richards Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Wife in Throwback Wedding Photo

Keith Richards tenderly celebrated his 40th anniversary by saluting his wedding ceremony with his wife, Patti Hansen. Richards, the venerable guitarist for the Rolling Stones, and Hansen got married in Cabo back in 1983. In the picture, which was posted on Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, the couple are shown cutting their wedding cake.

“For Patricia, Happy 40th Anniversary! I love you. Keith” Richards wrote. Currently, Keith Richards is on tour with the Stones.

Last year, their daughter Theodora shared some thoughts about her parents’ anniversary. “A jubilee happened yesterday,” Theodora wrote in an Instagram post. “My parents had a party where we celebrated my dad being another year older and that my parents have been married for 39 years (really it’s 43yrs of togetherness but we’ll go off the legitimacy of their 1983 Cabo wedding) I am so proud of this family. We’ve been through a lot but the love is so strong and powerful that it carries us forever forward on a cloud of compassion and courage. I love you mom and dad. You guys are my inspiration. And HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY dear Daddio.”

Keith Richards has been a part of the Stones since the band’s inception. With Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, the late Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, and the late Brian Jones, Richards has played on some of the most influential songs. Besides his wedding anniversary, Richards also celebrated his 80th birthday.

Keith Richards Keeps On Rocking Even With His Health

While he keeps on performing as the band’s lead guitarist, Keith Richards’ health has stayed in the spotlight. A lot of people have been keeping their eyes on him. What’s interesting to note is that he has been taking steps to get away from unhealthy activities.

For instance, Keith Richards has said that he doesn’t smoke anymore. That’s quite a stretch from the guy who has been photographed with bottles and beer cans while on stage. Musically, though, he’s provided the world with one of the greatest guitar riffs ever. As you listen to (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction for the umpteenth time, then you will hear the grinding, roaring sound of Richards playing at the beginning,

These days, the Rolling Stones are out on tour in support of their new album, Hackney Diamonds. Keith Richards talked about the album coming together in an interview with NPR‘s Scott Simon.

“I wish I could explain the ins and outs,” Richards said. “Last year we were on the road, and Mick looked at me: ‘Look, we’ve got to blitz a record here. We’ve got to push it through and say, ‘Here we are.” I still don’t believe we cut a record that quick, but it was a great feeling.”

Charlie Watts’ Death Still Hurts Richards

Keith Richards also talks about being without Watts, who died in 2021. “As part of the Stones, it was difficult,” he said. “Made much easier by Mr. Watts himself, who had always recommended Steve Jordan: ‘If anything happens, Steve Jordan’s the man.’ That advice came many years ago to me, and that caused me to work on The X-Pensive Winos with Steve Jordan. So it was a natural fold-in for the events, but at the same time, I do know that it is with Charlie’s blessing — which makes us all a lot happy, you know?”

Despite beating back health odds so far in his life, Keith Richards keeps looking to the future. There probably is more new material from the band on its way at some point. Right now, their focus is on touring in support of Hackney Diamonds.