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Kate Hudson Reveals Hilarious Amount She Still Earns for ‘Home Alone 2’ Role

Kate Hudson Reveals Hilarious Amount She Still Earns for ‘Home Alone 2’ Role

Actress Kate Hudson is still raking in the coins for one of her early film roles as a bit player in Home Alone 2. She claims that her appearance in the 1992 sequel still pays her 10-cent residuals from time to time.

On her podcast Sibling Revelry, Kate had a conversation with her brother Oliver Hudson. They discussed their earliest credits and other famous sibling pairs like Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andy Lawrence.

“I still get residuals from Home Alone 2 because I sang in the chorus,” Kate Hudson revealed. Even eagle-eyed fans may not have noticed the young actress. She’s featured in an early scene in which Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McAllister messes up a school Christmas presentation. “I’m in that chorus, and then I get 10 cents every once in a while,” she claimed.

Guest Joey Lawrence related to the concept of modest residuals. “Sometimes I’ll get, like, 2 cents,” Lawrence noted. ” I’m like, ‘Wait. Doesn’t the envelope and paper cost more?’”

Meanwhile, another member of the Hudson clan made their acting debut. The family dog, Roy, had a starring role in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday. The commercial revolves around a town isolated by winter weather, leaving the residents without essential supplies. What they truly crave are some refreshing cold brews.

Kate Hudson also took to Instagram to share footage of Kurt Russell and company celebrating Roy’s Super Bowl spot. “There’s a lot of thespians in this family, but tonight there was only one star”, Hudson captioned the post. 

It’s Uncertain Whether Roy’s Residuals Are More Than Kate Hudson’s For ‘Home Alone 2’

The whole family gathers around Roy, showering him with adoring pats and pets, joyfully reveling in his well-deserved moment in the spotlight. In the video, Kurt dotes on Roy, claiming he’d been seen by more people than all the family stars combined. No word on whether Roy’s residuals for the ad will be more than Kate Hudson’s for Home Alone 2.

The Hudson family includes talented actors like Kate’s older brother Oliver Hudson, known for his roles in Nashville and Scream Queens. Kate’s father, Bill Hudson, is also in the entertainment industry as a musician and actor. Additionally, Kate’s fiancé, Danny Fujikawa, is an accomplished singer and guitarist.

Meanwhile, Wyatt Russell, Goldie Hawn and Kurt’s son, is also a thespian. He recently starred with Kurt (and Godzilla) in the Apple TV+ series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.