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Kadeem Hardison Net Worth: How Much Did the ‘A Different World’ Star Make Per Episode?

Kadeem Hardison Net Worth: How Much Did the ‘A Different World’ Star Make Per Episode?

Kadeem Hardison reached fame thanks to his starring role in A Different World with Jasmine Guy, so what is his net worth? Hardison has worked steadily throughout his career. It all started back in 1981 when Hardison got a role on an ABC Afterschool Special.

Hardison, a Brooklyn native by way of Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, also had parts in 1984. They included The Cosby Show, Beat Street, The House of Dies Drear, and Go Tell It on the Mountain. He also, in 1995, nabbed roles in Rappin’, a movie, and on an episode of American Playhouse.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hardison’s net worth is $2 million.

Kadeem Hardison Hits It Big With Dwayne Wayne

But he hit the big time in 1987, playing Dwayne Wayne on A Different World along with Lisa Bonet and Jasmine Guy. It was a spin-off from The Cosby Show, and Bonet left the show after one season. This led to Guy stepping into the lead actor’s spot. Hardison then found himself playing next to Guy for the remainder of this show’s run. A Different World highlighted a number of social issues that were on the hot burner for weeks, including HIV/AIDS, race relations, and more.

As to the question of how much Hardison made per episode, we don’t have a firm figure. But we do know that Guy has said that she made $6,000 per episode. We don’t know if Hardison made that or a lesser figure.

A Different World did its best to highlight life at a Historically Black College or University. In an interview with PureWow, Hardison talks about if Dwayne and Whitley (Guy’s character) would still be together.

“I think Dwayne and Whitley would still be together—Jasmine and I have talked about this, and her feelings are great,” Hardison said. “She loves the idea of a midlife crisis for Whitley because she’s known this one guy, she’s been with this one guy through all of this, and right about now, the child is about to go off to school.

“And maybe there’s some, you know, ‘What happened to me? I spent all this time doing this, this, and this. I was with him and then we had a baby before I could really get into my [career],’” he said. “You know, she was curating art for a minute. And that might drive her a little stir-crazy.”

While he was busy with the sitcom, Hardison also stayed busy away from TV work. He popped up on Sesame Street and in movies like Enemy Territory, School Daze, Def by Temptation, and White Men Can’t Jump.

TV, Movie Work Keeps Hardison Moving

Hardison has done voiceover work in his career, too. One of those roles came in Captain Planet and the Planeteers. More television work came calling for Hardison, including Living Single and Between Brothers. As the calendar turned into the 2000s, Hardison picked up a role in movies like Dancing in September, 30 Years to Life, Fire & Ice, Instinct to Kill, and Thanks Heaven.

More TV and film work arrived for Hardison as the new decade and century rose to life. One voiceover project included seven episodes of Static Shock. Hardison’s most recent work was in 2022, where he was in an episode of Brown-ish. He also played Detective Kinder in two episodes of The Lincoln Lawyer. Finally, Hardison picked up a role in a sci-fi TV series Moonhaven, where he played Arlo.

As for Hardison’s personal life, he fathered a daughter named Sophia along with singer Chante Moore. Hardison and Moore married in 1997 but divorced in 2000. Hardison also has been linked to Cree Summer and Darlene Tejeiro.

He has built quite a career for himself, showing up when he can pick up a role. It appears that Hardison shows no fear when getting out in front of a camera or audience. A Different World now lives in the land of reruns, which brings Guy some residuals for her work. It’s not known if Hardison gets some as well. If he does, though, they’re probably not that big.