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Juliette Binoche Opens Up About Meeting ‘Free Spirit’ Shirley MacLaine

Juliette Binoche Opens Up About Meeting ‘Free Spirit’ Shirley MacLaine

Juliette Binoche managed to find her way into the good graces of Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine and Binoche got a sweet deal. Binoche, also an Oscar winner, has been an unabashed fan of MacLaine’s work over the years. Toss in the fact that both actresses share the same publicist and agent, too. That helped get Binoche and MacLaine together.

So, how was the meeting? “She’s a free spirit, free heart and she doesn’t take any bulls—,” Binoche told People. “She’s a worker. A dancer, actor, and writer.”

Binoche, 59, found herself with “two and a half hours talking about life” with MacLaine, whose movies include Sweet Charity and The Apartment. What’s even more amazing is that Binoche was able to take a few photos of them together for her Instagram account. MacLaine is not in too many photographs that find their way to the public realm these days.

Juliet Binoche Had Connections To MacLaine

For Binoche, all she had to say to her publicist and agent was “I want to meet with her” for lunch.

“I saw her in The Apartment. I saw her in Irma la Douce and, of course, Terms of Endearment,” Binoche said. “I always felt this figure is so free, and witty, and fun and full of energy.”

MacLaine, 89, did match up with Binoche’s expectations. MacLaine reportedly was “excited to meet” Binoche, who starred in Chocolat. “She’s fun to be with,” Binoche said. Oh yeah, they had some “girl talk” time where MacLaine “told me (Binoche) all about her lovers. It was fun.”

MacLaine, whose younger brother is Warren Beatty, earned her Oscar for Terms of Endearment. She also earned an Emmy Award for a TV special back in 1976 (Gypsy in My Soul) and six Golden Globes Awards. While she does have a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, MacLaine has also been a force in the entertainment world.

Speaking of Beatty, MacLaine was up for consideration as Bonnie in the movie Bonnie and Clyde. That ended, though, when producers picked Beatty, her brother, to play Clyde. Faye Dunaway ended up getting that role, which helped kickstart her career.

Shirley MacLaine Snagged Big Roles

From her marriage to Steve Parker, MacLaine has one child, a daughter named Sachi. Reportedly, Sachi grew up with her father while they lived in Japan. MacLaine and Parker were reportedly in an open marriage, which ended in divorce in 1982.

Throughout her life, MacLaine did have that “free spirit” nature and probably still does. She managed to snag a role in Ocean’s 11 back in the early 1960s alongside Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and other members of the famed “Rat Pack.”

Binoche won her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in her role in The English Patient.

MacLaine has been quite open about her own spiritual journeys. Some of this information has been written about in one of her books. In books where topics range from the UFO world to personal journeys, MacLaine also has shared her real-life encounters.

Another thing Binoche and MacLaine share in common is bringing Coco Chanel to the awareness of their fans. MacLaine did it first back in 2006 in the TV movie Coco Chanel. Binoche is doing this right now in the Apple+ series The New Look.

Bincohe owed up that she loves to keep on working. “You know what? I love my work,” Binoche said. “I’m passionate about what I do, because it’s an exploration of life, and it gives me joy. It’s as simple as that.”