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Judy Garland’s Warning to Barbra Streisand About Hollywood

Judy Garland’s Warning to Barbra Streisand About Hollywood

Throughout her career, Barbra Streisand has received plenty of advice but an important piece came from Judy Garland. Back in 1963, Streisand appeared on The Judy Garland Show on CBS. It was a pivotal appearance in her career. But she received a tip that remains with her to this very day.

Streisand, who has just released her memoir My Name is Barbra, looks back at her days with Garland with deep love and respect. “People were looking for some sort of rivalry between us,” Streisand wrote, according to Fox News. “And when they couldn’t find anything, they made it up.

“I found Judy to be completely generous,” Streisand said. “We sang a medley of songs, taking turns, and she wasn’t just focused on herself. She watched me and responded to me. She would reach out and brush back a strand of my hair, like a mother.”

According to Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Garland’s daughter, said that “her mother’s first reaction on hearing me sing was to say, ‘I’m never going to open my mouth again.’ She was like that, very self‑deprecating. And deeply vulnerable.”

Barbra Streisand: Judy Garland Was ‘Extraordinary Talent’

The stars became friends, and Streisand shared an encounter at a party that the Funny Girl star was throwing that would have deeper meaning for her later.

“I remember her saying something I never quite understood: ‘Don’t let them do to you what they did to me.’ I should have asked her what she meant, but I didn’t want to appear too nosy.”

“Six years after we did [The Judy Garland Show], she was dead at the age of forty‑seven,” she continued, adding, “What a tragedy… and such a loss. She was an extraordinary talent.”

Garland had incredible talent as both a singer and actress. She was part of what was called the “studio system.” It lured in the most vulnerable talent; it also spit out talent that could not cut it. Garland, of course, is best known for portraying Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. But she did so much more.

Garland was a star in a number of MGM-related movie musicals like Meet Me In St. Louis and Summer Stock. Sadly, it was known that Garland had a drug problem, which started back in her youth. Reportedly, her mother and studio executives wanted to make sure that she would be held under their control.

Garland also was one of the many entertainers who performed for soldiers, either through the USO or another organization. Also, Garland made guest-starring spots on some of the biggest radio shows out there.