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Joss Ackland, ‘White Mischief’ & ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ Actor, Dead at 95

Joss Ackland, ‘White Mischief’ & ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ Actor, Dead at 95

Joss Ackland, who is best known for his roles in Lethal Weapon 2 and White Mischief, has reportedly passed away. He was 95 years old. 

According to BBC, the actor’s family issued a statement about his death. “With his distinctive voice and commanding presence, Ackland brought a unique intensity and gravitas to his role. He will be remembered as one of Britain’s most talented and beloved actors.”

The media outlet also reported that Joss Ackland was born in 1928 and grew up in Kilburn, north London. Among his other well-known film appearances include Shadowlands, The Mighty Ducks, and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Although he received a CBE in 2000 for his services in acting, Ackland admitted to BBC in 2001 that he appeared in some “awful films” because he considered himself a workaholic. 

Ackland was married to Rosemary Kirkcaldy from 1951 until she died in 2002. They had seven children, thirty-two grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. 

Joss Ackland Reveals What Bad Films He Was Part of

Although he was grateful for his well-known highly successful roles, Joss Ackland did admit there were some roles that he wasn’t quite sure why he did them.

During another interview with The Guardian, Joss Ackland pointed out the bad films he was part of due to his work ethic. “I do an awful lot of crap,” he declared. “But if it’s not immoral, I don’t mind. I’m a workaholic. Sometimes it’s a form of masochism.”

“I was in Mad Dogs And Englishmen, a Liz Hurley thing, which was God-awful and quite rightly torn to shreds. Then there was Passion Of Mind last year with Demi Moore. Terrible script. Awful, actually, but I needed the money.”

Joss Ackland also had a few choice words about Moore after working with her. “She’s alright, not very bright or talented. I imagine she and Bruce Willis together were a joy to behold.” 

Other appearances that he is embarrassed by are those he claims were a result of dares. This includes his camera in the Pet Stop Boys video. “I can’t tell you how embarrassing that was. Seven-year-olds in the street made faces at me. I’m so tired of not being able to make a movie without a car chase, or the villain dying twice. It’s all exactly the same.”

Joss Ackland went on to add that his wife used to drag him to the theaters because there were very few plays he was interested in seeing. He admitted that he would get depressed about the quality of the theatre.