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John Stamos Reveals ‘Sign’ He Received From Bob Saget After His Death

John Stamos Reveals ‘Sign’ He Received From Bob Saget After His Death

John Stamos recently shared a touching story about the night he learned that his friend and former Full House costar, Bob Saget, died. 

Stamos visited The Jennifer Hudson Show on Nov. 8 to promote his recently released memoir, If You Would Have Told Me. While talking, he and Hudson got on the topics of death and spirituality. Both believe that loved ones can visit through animals, particularly hummingbirds. 

“I remember seeing one in my dad’s garden, and my mom said, ‘Hey that’s your dad’. And then now she’s been gone, and my son Billy would be like, ‘There’s grandma Retta. There’s Papa Bill.’ It’s so beautiful,” Stamos shared. 

John Stamos then recalled the day he learned Bob Saget had died. That evening, he went to visit Saget’s home and wandered into the backyard looking for comfort. 

“I said ‘Bob, come on, show me a sign, man, show me that you’re OK up there,’ ” he remembered. When nothing happened, Stamos thought, “Maybe he’s at peace up there. Maybe he’s not rattling the thunder.” So, he turned around.

But on his way back to the house, a hummingbird approached him. 

“I have it on my phone,” he said excitedly. “It had a red—my mum used to wear a red scarf, and she had red hair—and it was her saying, ‘It’s OK, we’re OK. Bob’s up here and just be kind to one another and be loving like he was.’”

John Stamos Asks Fans to Keep Bob Saget’s ‘Legacy Going’

Bob Saget died on Jan. 9, 2022, while staying at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida. An autopsy later revealed that he had suffered a head trauma earlier that day. Unaware of the severity, he went to sleep and never woke up. He was 65 years old. 

While on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Stamos admitted that he’s still “very broken up” about the loss. He and Saget formed a close friendship while filming Full House in the ’80s and ’90s, and they held that relationship throughout their lives. While sharing the story, Stamos paused to tell Hudson and the audience a lesson they could learn from his late friend. 

“He never left anything on the table,” he said. “He always told you how much he loved you and cared about you, so let’s keep his legacy going with that because it’s so important.”