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John Stamos Relives Moment He Learned ‘Full House’ Co-Star Bob Saget Died

John Stamos Relives Moment He Learned ‘Full House’ Co-Star Bob Saget Died

In his recently released memoir, If You Would Have Told MeFull House star John Stamos rehashed the excruciating moment he learned his close friend and former co-star Bob Saget had died. 

Stamos’ book, which officially dropped yesterday (Oct. 24), made headlines ahead of its release for several reasons, including the cheating scandal between Stamos’ former girlfriend and Tony Danza. But it wasn’t until the memoir hit shelves that fans were able to read the heartbreaking details of how the actor learned about Saget’s passing. 

According to Stamos, news of Saget initially reached him through the grapevine. Matt Polk, his publicist, called while Stamos was aimlessly driving around town trying to get his son, Billy, to fall asleep. Polk said several publications had reported that Saget died suddenly, and he wanted to know if Stamos knew anything about it.

Around that same time, Stamos has been the center of a death hoax. So, he thought the whole thing was nonsense and brushed it off as a scam. 

“‘Maybe Bob was in the same plane crash I died in,” he recalled saying. “These clowns need to get better ‘sources,’ or they’ll be out of business soon,’ I shoot back. “It’s probably bulls—!”

To be sure, John Stamos sent Bob Saget a text, and when time passed without a response, he started to worry. So he called Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, but she didn’t answer. 

John Stamos ‘Hit the Ground’ When He Heard Bob Saget Died

Soon after, fellow Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure sent him a text about a “weird DM” about Saget’s death she received from a fan in Florida. Stamos called Bure and listened to her read through their message thread when Rizzo called back. 

“When I switch callers over to Kelly, all I hear is a wailing scream,” he continued. “I hit the ground in the parking lot, and my knees slam down on the asphalt. ‘Nooooooooooooooooooooo.’”

John Stamos, Bob Saget, and the rest of the Full House cast have been famously close since they began filming their 1980s series. So the first thing he did after calling his own wife was call the rest of the cast, starting with Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin. 

“‘Dave, Bob Saget is dead,’” he remembers saying to Coulier. “Not sure why I have to use his last name. Dave knows I’m not calling to tell him Bob Hope died. I call Lori, who’s on the eighth hole of LakeView Country Club golfing with her husband. ‘Bob is dead, Lori.’ She tells me later she dropped to her knees like me.”

You can read the entire excerpt in If You Would Have Told Me, which is available now through all major booksellers.