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John Stamos Pays Tribute to Late Beach Boys Member Jeffrey Foskett

John Stamos Pays Tribute to Late Beach Boys Member Jeffrey Foskett

Actor John Stamos, who has spent a lot of time playing with The Beach Boys, shared his pain over losing Jeffrey Foskett. Foskett died on Monday at 67 years old after battling anaplastic thyroid cancer. Stamos posted a lengthy note about his connection with Foskett on Instagram as well as X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Today, I lost more than a friend; I lost a part of my soul, my history – Jeffrey Foskett, my dearest friend, brother, and the brightest light in my life, has left this world,” Stamos wrote.

Stamos shared that his son Billy and his wife helped him when he heard the news. He shared a drawing that his son had done, expressing the sentiment that Foskett was carried into God’s arms through the power of love.

“Jeff was more than just a friend; he was the one who brought the harmonies of The Beach Boys into my life, and with them, a spectrum of color and joy I never dreamed would be part of my life,” he wrote. 

John Stamos Says Jeffrey Foskett Taught Him About Love, Loss

As Stamos continued his eulogy, he said that Foskett taught him something. It’s that “love is a beautiful and necessary part of our lives, but it comes with a cost—the unbearable pain of loss.”

He said, “It’s the kind of pain that can make us question whether we should ever allow ourselves to love so deeply, so completely. Should we keep our walls up and shield our hearts from the world in an attempt to avoid the sharp, immense sorrow that follows when we say goodbye to someone we hold dear?”

John Stamos did, though, through his 40-year friendship with Foskett, remember some important things. He wrote about “the uproarious laughter, the music that we believed changed lives, and the unshakable bond of brotherhood” they shared. Stamos then said he was grateful for his time with Foskett.

Foskett Was Integral Part Of Different Beach Boys Groups

Now, Foskett was connected with The Beach Boys, according to Yahoo. He was a fan and wanted to meet Brian Wilson. They became friends in 1976. Original members call Foskett as the “vice principal of the Beach Boys.” He proved to be a presence in the band’s different groups over the years.

Foskett played in Wilson’s solo band from 1998 to 2014. He took part in co-founder Mike Love’s Beach Boys before and after his stint with Wilson. That was between 1981 to 1998 and then 2015 up until his cancer diagnosis in 2019.

Wilson paid tribute to Foskett. He said that he was “one of the most talented guys” he ever knew and “a great musical leader and guitarist” who could “sing like an angel.”