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John Stamos’ Ex-Wife Reportedly Wasn’t Warned About the ‘Full House’ Star’s New Memoir

John Stamos’ Ex-Wife Reportedly Wasn’t Warned About the ‘Full House’ Star’s New Memoir

Following the release of John Stamos’ new memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, it was revealed that the Full House star’s ex-wife Rebecca Romijn wasn’t warned about the explosive tell-all book

According to Fox News, Romijn’s now-husband Jerry O’Connell stated during an appearance on Access Hollywood that she didn’t know about Stamos’ book. “We find out just like anyone else,” he explained. He also didn’t comment on Stamos and Romijn’s 2005 divorce nor on the details the book revealed about his wife’s former marriage. “It’s not really my place to say. I would rather my wife talk about that. My wife and I are getting along so well today.” 

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos were married from 1998 until they announced their separation in early 2004. Stamos eventually filed for divorce in August 2004. The former couple were officially divorced in March 2005. They didn’t share any children.

Two years after the split from Stamos, Romijn married O’Connell. Less than a year after the couple was married, they had twin daughters. Meanwhile, John Stamos married Caitlin McHugh in 2017. They have one son, who was born in 2018. 

John Stamos Admitted to Hating Rebecca Romijn Following Their Divorce 

While promoting his new memoir, John Stamos talked about his divorce from Rebecca Romijn and the feelings he was dealing with during the ordeal.

“In my mind back then, she was the Devil,” Stamos recently explained to People. “And I just hated her. I couldn’t believe how much I hated her, and it ruined my life.”

John Stamos also admitted that it was really difficult for him to write the chapters detailing his marriage to Romijn. “My first marriage was shattering to me,” he continued. “I was shattered for way too long, too. I mean, a year, okay, good. But it went on [for] years and years.” 

Stamos then said that he hadn’t seen Romijn since their joint meeting with their divorce attorneys. He feels that Romijn was trying to make the marriage work because she cared about him before their relationship ended. “It was very public, and that was very painful,” the Full House star explained about the divorce. “I didn’t write much about that, but it’s hard.”

John Stamos added that during the time of his divorce from Romijn, there was speculation that she had ended the marriage because her career was great while his career wasn’t going as well. “I don’t blame her for it. It was just the perception that people took, and maybe they weren’t wrong. She was doing great at that time and I wasn’t.”