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John Stamos Calls ‘Full House’ a ‘Blessing and a Curse’ in Latest Interview

John Stamos Calls ‘Full House’ a ‘Blessing and a Curse’ in Latest Interview

While promoting his upcoming memoir If You Would Have Told Me, John Stamos opened up about how Full House was both a blessing and curse for him. 

During an interview with The New York Times, Stamos admitted the hardest things to write about had to do with Full House. “It was a blessing and a curse,” the actor said about the show. Despite his other acting roles, which include various Broadway plays such as Cabaret and Bye Bye Birdie, everyone seems to remember him as Uncle Jesse. He had played the role from when the TV sitcom started in 1987 until its ending in 1995. 

“It’s always killed me that that’s what everybody knew me from,” John Stamos admitted. “That mullet-headed ding-dong.” 

Also speaking about Stamos, Full House co-star Lori Loughlin described him as being “supremely” talented in many different areas. “I think people are finally starting to recognize, ‘Oh, this guy’s the real deal. He’s the whole ball of wax.’ But early on, he had to work to prove that.” 

Loughlin also said that Stamos’ loved ones helped him when he needed it the most. “Then the minute he got his ducks in a row, along came Caitlin, and the birth of Billy has been the greatest gift ever to John. I’m sure he’ll tell you that his family now is everything.”

John Stamos Opens Up About the Loss of His ‘Full House’ Co-Star Bob Saget in 2022

Along with discussing his acting career, John Stamos spoke about the tough loss of Bob Saget. 

The fellow Full House star died in his sleep at a Florida hotel while on his comedy tour in early January 2022. Although additional details about his death weren’t released, it was revealed that he had blunt head trauma from an accidental blow to the back of his head. He then suffered from both a subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage. 

Stamos took Saget’s death hard and admitted the loss of his Full House co-star “gutted” him. “It’s like he never left anything on the table,” Stamos explained about his long-time friendship with Saget. “When he died, I knew he loved me. I knew he cared about me. He told me that every day.”

Stamos went on to add that the sudden passing of Saget taught him a very important life lesson. “Tomorrow’s never promised, so make the best of where you’re at, and who you’re with. And by the way, these are all easy things to say. They’re hard to do.”