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Jim Carrey’s Spot-on Clint Eastwood Impression Led to a Major Early Film Role

Jim Carrey’s Spot-on Clint Eastwood Impression Led to a Major Early Film Role

Jim Carrey has been entertaining millions of people with his movies and comedic impulses for decades, and he had some people helping him. This includes Clint Eastwood. Well, the way that Carrey explains it, one can tell that he is a fan of Eastwood’s work.

Back in the 1980s, Carrey cut his performing teeth as a stand-up comic. A part of his act all the time were uncanny impressions of people like Sammy Davis Jr., Kirk Douglas, and, yes, Eastwood himself. Carrey remembers how helpful Eastwood was by getting an early film break along the way.

“Not many people know this, but Clint Eastwood was one of my first supporters in the business,” Carrey said in a speech, according to Far Out Magazine. “At the time, I was a struggling actor, and I was cast to play the part of a crazed drug fiend rockstar named Johnny Squares in the Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool.”

Carrey went the “extra mile” when it came to his audition for the part. He said that he put on a tape of him singing an old Alice Cooper song. Carrey picks up the story here. “I went completely nuts, tearing up the office and spitting into the camera,” he said. “Afterwards, I wondered if I had gone too far. In those days, I still worried about that sort of thing. When I finally met Clint, he just said to me, ‘I loved that tape, and I showed it to all my friends’.”

Jim Carrey Was ‘Elated’ By Clint Eastwood’s Comments

As a result of hearing this feedback from Eastwood, Carrey said that he was “elated” by the comments. The young actor-comedian wanted to do his best for someone he looked up to so much. So, what was the first day of shooting on the set like for Carrey? He said that he showed up with a lot of ideas flowing out of him.

“I said, ‘Hey, I have a ton of ideas that I want to try out, Mr. Eastwood, if you don’t mind,’” Carrey said. “I was expecting a little bit of resistance, but Clint just looked at me and looked at the producer and said, ‘Well, maybe we’ll just turn the camera on and let him go.’”

In wrapping up his speech, Carrey admitted that he was prepared for that first day. Maybe a little too much? “I was a tad over-prepared that day, but that was only because I was working with a legend, somebody whose movies I’d admired for years,” he said. “Everybody in this audience, at one time or another, has lived vicariously through Clint Eastwood and his mythological characters. He’s our equalizer; he’s the one who could settle the score for us. The man that every man would love to be.”

Carrey Eventually Finds His Way To ‘In Living Color’

Carrey got to work with Liam Neeson in one of his early roles, too. His almost manic performance as Squares is one that hardcore Eastwood fans will never forget. The same goes for Carrey’s followers, too. That role in The Dead Pool happened two years ahead of him joining the cast of Fox’s In Living Color in 1990. Carrey finally was able to show viewers his incredible timing and comedic skills.

After being on there, in 1994, Carrey starred in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. That movie proved successful for him and opened more doors for his big-screen career. Yet Eastwood helped open the door a little bit more for him.