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‘Jerry Maguire’: Here’s What Jonathan Lipnicki Looks Like Now

‘Jerry Maguire’: Here’s What Jonathan Lipnicki Looks Like Now

Prepare to feel older than Methuselah. Jerry Maguire‘s cute tyke Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up and totally unrecognizable. The current appearance of the Stuart Little star was unveiled in a recent interview with Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence on their Brotherly Love podcast.

The actor, now 33 years old, gained recognition for his memorable role as Ray Boyd, Renee Zellweger’s scene-stealing son in Jerry Maguire. With his infectious smile, he now sports long locks, although this look will soon be a thing of the past. Lipnicki recently revealed on a podcast with the Lawerence brothers that he plans to change his hairstyle very soon, as he has reached his limit.

Despite growing up from his child star days, Lipnicki’s well-being brought joy to most fans, as seen in their YouTube comments. “Wow, he is so grown now!!!! He was the cutest little kid!”, one fan exclaimed.

Lipnicki explained on the podcast that most of his acting work is simply done via Zoom these days. “I just hit a point where I realized I was self-taping everything,” he told the Lawernce brothers. “Everything I do is either Zoom or self-tape anyway. I wanted to see what it’s like to live somewhere else.”

Jonathan Lipnicki is Far Removed From His ‘Jerry Maguire’ Days

Lipnicki is thoroughly enjoying his experience so far. He cherishes the company of three childhood friends nearby and being part of the growing filming community. Besides acting, Lipnicki now produces with Buffalo 8 Productions and teaches acting in Oklahoma. Overall, his relocation has been a resounding success. However, he admits that tornadoes still give him an eerie feeling, especially during weekend siren tests.

Lipnicki also shared that he’ll be on a new TV show next year, without revealing its name. He’s excited about becoming an uncle and will meet his nephew for the first time on December 20th. Notably, Lipnicki has a deep passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dedicating 15 years to training and achieving black-belt status during the pandemic.

However, this physically demanding sport has resulted in significant injuries. Lipnicki shared that he recently had cauliflower ears and sought treatment from a dermatologist in Los Angeles. He also experienced an inner-ear cauliflower, but thankfully it’s improving.

However, the cauliflower ears caused some serious issues at its worst. “It’s better now but for a while, I couldn’t wear AirPods,” Lipnicki explained. “They would just pop out. That one settled down a bit and it isn’t feeling as angry in there.”