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Jennifer Love Hewitt Reflects on Being on the Cover of Maxim at 17

Jennifer Love Hewitt Reflects on Being on the Cover of Maxim at 17

Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking back on a cover shoot for Maxim at 17. She recalls being confused to be asked for the honor. In an episode of the Inside of You podcast, she shared that as a young actor, she never felt connected to her body due to constant sexualization from an early age.

“I didn’t feel self-confident [and] felt watched. I felt like I had to be everything for everybody all the time,” Hewitt explained. She recalls being, “called sexy before I ever knew what being sexy was. I was 17 years old on the cover of Maxim, and I had no idea why I was on the cover of Maxim. I was honored [and] loved it. But why?”

“I remember doing Heartbreakers at 23 and the director was like, ‘We just need you to be sexier.’” The I Know What You Did Last Summer star pulled the director aside. “‘I don’t know what that means. I’m only 23,’” Hewitt recalled saying. “I know that I’m supposed to be this thing for people but I don’t know what that means. He had to like help me figure that out.”

Directed by David Mirkin, Heartbreakers featured Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver in the leading roles. This 2001 comedy showcases the dynamic duo as a mother-daughter team of con artists.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is More Confident Now Than During Her Maxim Days

However, Jennifer Love Hewitt feels more comfortable in her skin than she did during her Maxim shoot. Due to her profound lack of self-confidence in her early twenties, she finds it rather peculiar when fans express their desire to see her physical appearance restored to that age.

“It’s weird for me when people are like, ‘That’s the girl that we wanted you to be,’” Hewitt explained. “That girl was so insecure and so confused and trying her best. But this girl [now] — who may not look [that] way — I like who I am. I feel good. I’m fine.” 

Of course, the 90s icon is now well into her 40s. When asked if she feels more sexy now, she had mixed emotions. “I mean, not every day, but you know, I have my moments,” she noted. “There’s definitely times where I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh, dear god, what has happened?’ And there’s other times where I’m like, ‘She’s got it. She’s fine.’”