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‘Friends’ Star Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out After Matthew Perry’s Death, Fans React

‘Friends’ Star Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out After Matthew Perry’s Death, Fans React

Fans are responding to Friends star Jennifer Aniston‘s letter she wrote on Instagram in memory of late co-star Matthew Perry. This marks Aniston’s first comments individually since Perry died.

One person wrote, “thank you all for making us feel like we have had friends in moments of loneliness.” Another said, “We will miss Matthew terribly and will never forget him. Rest in peace, Chandler is one of my favorite amazing people.”

Some notable accounts on Instagram offered emoji comments, including Kaley Cuoco, the CBS account for The Late Show, and Amy Sedaris. Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews simply said, “This is perfect.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Tribute to Matthew Perry Touches Fans

This fan was overtaken by Aniston’s emotional, tender words about Matthew Perry. The person wrote, “All of the tributes to Matt have been gut-wrenching, but this one? Wow, just wow. I am SO sorry for the grief that you are sitting with.”

And this fan felt a close connection to Perry. The person wrote, “So emotional reading this. Though I never knew him personally I KNEW HIM!! This loss has been so very hard.”

For this fan, Perry and the entire cast made an impact on their life. “I could feel, with you six, in FRIENDS, fears and laughs of our generation, our age. Most of laughs was from Matty’s vibe. One day at a time, @jenniferaniston. See you in Heaven, Bro!”

It appears that this fan could sense or at least understand a little bit of Matthew Perry’s own pain. “His pain was big but his heart was bigger,” the person wrote.

There are some fans who, even thought it’s been a little time since Perry’s death, are still working to accept that he’s gone. “Crying first thing in the morning. I still can’t believe he’s gone,” the fan wrote. Perry was found dead in his hot tub at his home.

Fan Remembers Particular Scene With Perry, Aniston

Looking back on Friends, this fan recalled one scene in particular that stands out. “The wholesome moment during Rachel’s birthday party between Chandler and Rachel was one of the sweetest and for me personally something that stood out in the series I loved seeing them together rest in peace Matthew Perry.”

After reading Aniston’s love letter to Perry, this fan appeared to be really touched by it and its sentiment. The person wrote, “Jennifer always has the most thoughtful words. I think we all feel comforted knowing Matt was the recipient of this level of appreciation and love. Hopefully it made his struggles a bit more bearable.”

Finally, remembering a Friends episode that focused on Perry and Aniston hits this fan pretty hard. “Chandler and Rachel are such an underrated duo. The One with the Cheesecake is one of my fav episodes that I rewatch quite often. It’s just gonna hurt a little form now on,” the fan wrote.