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Jennifer Aniston Pays Tribute to TV Legend Norman Lear’s ‘Extraordinary Life’

Jennifer Aniston Pays Tribute to TV Legend Norman Lear’s ‘Extraordinary Life’

Friends alum Jennifer Aniston paid tribute to legendary TV writer and producer Norman Lear following his death at age 101. Aniston took to Instagram to share a touching post on Wednesday celebrating his “extraordinary life.”

The Morning Show actress shared two candid images of her embracing Lear. “His shows shaped my childhood and getting to know him was one of my greatest honors,” Aniston wrote.”He made such a difference. A huge impact on television and humanity.”

The Office Space star proceeded to highlight the fearlessness of the Hollywood legend, who was the mastermind behind the comedy series All in the Family and The Jeffersons in the 1970s.

“He was able to tackle and discuss heated political conversations during difficult and charged times and we were able to laugh and learn. I yearn for those days,” Aniston added. “When creativity was a learning tool and could inspire people to maybe think just a little bit differently. And of course to laugh. Our greatest source of healing.”

Jennifer Aniston Recalled Norman Lear as Giving a ‘Voice to All Sides’

She fondly remembered Lear as kind and gentle, making everyone feel important in his presence. “He made everyone feel this,” Aniston explained. “Even when someone believed differently than him. That’s what made life and people interesting to him. To have discussions and really take in how people felt and hear their point of view. He knew how to give voice to all sides and somehow in the process bring people closer together.”

“May we take a page from Norman’s playbook as a way of honoring his life,” Aniston wrote in conclusion. “An extraordinary life. Rest in peace, Norman. It was a gift to stand in your light.”

Aniston shared multiple photos of Lear on her Instagram Story. One shot showed the TV icon entertaining a group of people at a dinner party, with Aniston herself among the captivated audience. Another heartwarming image featured Aniston and Lear seated at a table, their arms wrapped around each other.

Lear passed away peacefully in his Los Angeles residence on Tuesday, succumbing to natural causes, as confirmed by his representatives. He reached the remarkable age of 101. The news was also verified through a post on his official Instagram account. The post showcased a black-and-white photograph of the 22-time Emmy winner, radiating a joyful smile. “Norman passed away peacefully … surrounded by his family as we told stories and sang songs until the very end,” the caption read alongside the image.