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Jennifer Aniston from ‘Friends’: See Her Net Worth

Jennifer Aniston from ‘Friends’: See Her Net Worth

Jennifer Aniston has been a reigning American Sweetheart for going on three decades, so it’s no surprise that her net worth is impressive. Known for her iconic portrayal as Rachel on Friends and numerous film roles, the 54-year-old continues to thrive in Hollywood and beyond. With a current hit TV program (The Morning Show), a successful haircare line, and a partnership with the popular fitness brand Pvolve, she’s still making waves.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aniston is worth a jaw-dropping 320 million dollars. Still, a lot of this impressive wealth isn’t simply from her Friends glory days.

Jennifer Aniston moved to Hollywood in 1989 and starred in smaller productions like her role in the cult horror film Leprechaun in 1990. However, her breakthrough came in 1994 with the role of Rachel Green in Friends. The show skyrocketed, and the cast later made headlines by demanding higher salaries.

In the golden years of Friends (2003-2004), Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars were raking in a cool $1 million per episode. And as if that wasn’t enough, Celebrity Net Worth claims she’s also cashing in on a 2 percent cut from the $1 billion in royalties that Friends brings in annually.

However, Aniston didn’t just disappear after her success on Friends. She went on to star in blockbuster films and continues to do so today. Reportedly, the Office Space star earned $5 million for We’re the Millers and $8 million for Marley and Me. While her paychecks for other films are not clear, casting Jennifer Aniston likely came with a hefty price tag for production companies.

Jennifer Aniston’s New Worth Builds Thanks to Her Current Gigs

The Morning Show, co-starring Reese Witherspoon, is an award-winning show that premiered in 2019. on Apple TV+. The series is now in its third season, and Aniston reportedly earns $2 million per episode.

Jennifer Aniston is not just a talented actress, but also a master of product domination. From Aveeno to Pvolve, she’s got her hand in a bunch of brands. And let’s not forget her stint as a spokesperson and co-owner for Living Proof haircare products. The Horrible Bosses star also has her own line of vegan, cruelty-free hair products called LolaVie.

Aniston also owns some impressive properties. Her real estate holdings consist of a Montecito home in California, where she resides near Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a mansion in Beverly Hills, and another mansion in Bel Air, as per Architectural Digest. In 2011, Jennifer bought two West Village condos in Manhattan for $7.01 million. The purchase included a penthouse with a wraparound terrace, according to the outlet. She sold it in 2012 for $6.5 million.