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Jason Kelce Rocks Kansas City Chiefs Overalls at Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Kelce Rocks Kansas City Chiefs Overalls at Super Bowl LVIII

Ready to support his little brother Travis, Jason Kelce was seen rocking Kansas City Chiefs overalls while making his way to Super Bowl LVIII. 

Just hours before kicked off, Jason’s hilariously supportive outfit included a pair of plaid red and yellow overalls with the Chiefs logo on the chest. He also had a red Big Yeti shirt underneath the overalls. “Jason’s Gameday fit is on point,” Travis and Jason’s New Heights podcast declared on X (formerly Twitter). 

Jason Kelce is expected to be sitting in a suite alongside his wife Kylie and parents during Super Bowl LVIII. Also present in the suite will be Travis’ girlfriend Taylor Swift with her parents, brother Austin, and his girlfriend Sydney. Jason made headlines last month after he was seen shirtless while cheering on Travis during the Kansas City Chiefs versus Buffalo Bills game.

Following the game, Travis was asked about his brother’s hilarious cheering. “My brother was shirtless?” Travis declared. “Nah, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Doesn’t surprise me one bite. I love that guy and  every time we’re not on the field together, we’re always rooting for each other.”

Jason and Travis’ mom, Donna, also said that she wasn’t at all surprised by Jason’s shirtless antics at the game. “A lot of people don’t see it because he’s all business nine times out of 10 when he is on the field,” Donna told PEOPLE. “He’s so focused with the game and he’s so into it that people don’t see that side of him.”

Donna also said Jason is lighthearted and fun at the moment as Travis is off the field. “It’s just, he is more businesslike when it comes to football.”

Jason Kelce Said He’s ‘Unbelievably Happy’ For Travis to Go to Super Bowl LVIII 

Weeks before he was preparing to attend the Super Bowl, Jason Kelce had nothing but praise for his young brother Travis and revealed just how excited he was to watch Travis play in the big game.

“There’s something about [Chiefs head coach] Andy Reid,” Jason declared. “There’s something about Travis Kelce, something about Pat Mahomes, and their defense showed up today it really did. They’ve been great all year long, they’re tough with playing arguably the best quarterback in the league this year in Lamar Jackson and they showed up.”

Following the game against the Buffalo Bills, Jason spoke about the matchup and why there were some worries leading up. “I don’t think anybody knew how this game was gonna go,” Jason continued. “I think anybody that saw it, whenever you’re in the conference championships, you know it could go either way.”