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Jason Kelce ‘Hangover’ Photo Goes Viral Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Kelce ‘Hangover’ Photo Goes Viral Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Another day, another hilarious day for AI, as someone’s Hangover pic of Jason Kelce goes viral just hours before his brother Travis is set to play in Super Bowl LVIII.

The hilarious photo, which was posted by Buss’ With The Boys on X (formerly Twitter), was posted on Sunday afternoon and has already generated 1.2 million views. “[Jason Kelce] getting ready to play blackjack with The Boys again,” the post reads. 

It didn’t take long for X users to share their hilarious reactions to the snapshot. “The attention to detail is impeccable!” one X user wrote. “Bag, belt, hand on the hip placement. All of it spot on.” 

“He looks like one of the guys doing lumberjack stuff at Sea World way back when,” another X user noted

However, despite it being on point, some X users were quick to point out that the photo is now real. “Awesome. CBS is now reporting on a Photoshopped image,” an X user stated. “Does anyone not realize that it is the exact same image minus the head? Are there any other photos of this out there? No, because it didn’t happen. I will believe it when I actually see a real photo.”

A fellow X user added, “Do people not realize this is photoshopped.”

Jason Kelce is currently in Las Vegas watching his brother play in Super Bowl LVIII. The big game is set to kick off at 6:30 p.m. This will be Travis’ third Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. The team previously played against the San Francisco 49ers in 2020.

Jason Kelce Previously Stated His Brother Travis Is ‘The Perfect Uncle’ 

In September 2023, Jason Kelce spoke to E! News about Travis and how great of an uncle his younger brother is to his children. 

“Travis is the perfect uncle,” Kelce stated at the time. “He really is. I know we give him crap. We will not leave him alone with them. They’re too young. But Travis just has such a zest and virality for life.” 

Jason Kelce also said that his daughters are his brother’s No. 1 fans. “My daughters, they’re so drawn to him immediately—partly because he’s gorgeous, but then also he’s just a fun human being,” Jason pointed out. “He’s exciting. He has energy for days.”

Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom Donna also praised Travis for being a fantastic uncle. “He’ll get down on the floor and he’ll crawl into a dollhouse,” she said. “He does whatever they want.”