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Jake Gyllenhaal Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Original ‘Road House’ Star Patrick Swayze

Jake Gyllenhaal Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Original ‘Road House’ Star Patrick Swayze

Jake Gyllenhaal is marking the Road House remake premiere with a tribute to Patrick Swayze, who played his role in the 1989 original.

On Sunday, Gyllenhaal posted a nostalgic photo of himself alongside Patrick Swayze on Instagram. The duo starred together in the 2001 thriller Donnie Darko. In the caption, the actor subtly alluded to differences between Swayze’s role in Road House and his performance in the remake. Despite this, he expressed hope that his former colleague would have appreciated the new film.

“I’ve been thinking back about my time working with Patrick on Donnie Darko, and rewatching this great man in the original Road House plus so many other films. I’ve never stopped being a fan,” Gyllenhaal captioned the image. “He was such a talent. I continue to have so much respect and admiration for what he put out and into the world.”

“I’ll never forget his kindness to me when I was starting out,” he continued. “[Swayze] didn’t have to take the time, but he always did. We’ve made a different RH this time around, but hoping it’s one he would’ve had fun watching!”

Swayze passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2009 at the age of 57. Following his success in Dirty Dancing, he starred in 1989’s Road House alongside Sam Elliott and Kelly Lynch. The movie revolves around James Dalton (portrayed by Swayze), a bar bouncer from New York who moves to Missouri to oversee security at a local bar. He ultimately becomes the town’s hero by standing up to a corrupt businessman.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Road House’ Remake Sees Him Playing a Variation of Patrick Swayze’s Character

The remake of Road House features Jake Gyllenhaal taking on the role of Patrick Swayze’s sharp-witted bouncer. However, Jake’s character is named Elwood Dalton rather than Swayze’s James Dalton.

Gyllenhaal is joined in the film by MMA fighter Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, Jessica Williams, and Post Malone. However, the film faced challenges even before reviews emerged. It sparked a contentious debate over Prime Video’s choice to exclusively release it on their streaming platform instead of sending it to theaters.

Director Doug Liman showed his frustration by skipping the movie premiere due to the release strategy. He believed the film should have been in theaters. However, reportedly Road House was always meant for streaming only.

Regardless, Road House is set to premiere on Prime Video on March 21, aiming to surpass the reviews of Swayze’s original film. Despite its cult status, the 1989 version only boasts a 41% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.