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The Insane Eating Habits of Marlon Brando

The Insane Eating Habits of Marlon Brando

When Marlon Brando hit the movie scene, he was one of the most handsome, best-looking actors in the business. Yet over the years, Brando lost that svelte look for a much heavier look. It can startle some people who recall him from the days of The Wild Ones and A Streetcar Named Desire.

As it turns out, Brando had some seriously bad eating habits. They did kick in even when Brando was on the top of his game. The actor had a propensity for junk food. Crash diets might have worked during a part of his life. But as he got older, his weight rose. It got up to nearly 400 pounds at one point.

According to some history, Rare Magazine said Brando would drive to Pink’s hot dog stand in Los Angeles at 4 a.m. Then he’d down four hot dogs in a row. During the filming of Mutiny On The Bounty, there were a few Brando food stories that became legendary.

It’s said that Brando loved his ice cream. Yes, Marlon loved to down a tub of vanilla ice cream every night. One time, Brando got his ice cream and rolled away from the movie’s set. He had a five-gallon tub of ice cream with him. One could say that Brando had a very healthy appetite.

Marlon Brando Had Food-Filled Plane Sent to Tahiti

Here’s another Mutiny On The Bounty story. Brando must have been pretty wealthy at this time because he had a plane filled with champagne and ham sent out to the movie’s set…in Tahiti.

His former brother-in-law remembered Brando sitting there and eating an entire package of Pepperidge Farms cookies.

Now, a funny thing happened when Brando was the director for One-Eyed Jacks. This was in 1961. On the movie set, his birthday cake had “Don’t feed the director” written on it. Brando also received a belt from the crew, saying, “Hope it fits.”

This next story may be fact…or it may be fiction. Well, when Brando was in the middle of filming Missouri Breaks back in 1976, he supposedly picked up a frog out of a pond. When he did, Brando chomped down on the frog. No other details were available.

Here’s a story that involves Brando’s second wife, Movita. It appears that Brando, one time, chewed a lock off of the refrigerator. It was supposed to keep him out of there. Movita was not happy with the situation. They found teeth marks all over a round of cheese. We did get a confirmation from the family maid. Brando desperately wanted to get in the fridge and raid it.

This next Brando food story comes from actor Karl Malden, who worked with Brando in On the Waterfront and One-Eyed Jacks. Malden said Brando would eat “two steaks, potatoes, two apple pies a la mode, and a quart of milk” for dinner every night. So, because of Brando’s fluctuating weight, people had to constantly alter his clothing.