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How Much Did Ken Jennings Win in His Legendary ‘Jeopardy!’ Run?

How Much Did Ken Jennings Win in His Legendary ‘Jeopardy!’ Run?

Back in 2004, Ken Jennings captured the hearts and eyes of many Americans during his incredible winning run on Jeopardy! Fans kept tuning in to see if Jennings would keep on winning. As sure as anything, Jennings amazingly could seem to do no wrong. His 74-game streak is still there. What types of winnings did Jennings take home? Well, he pocketed $2,520,700.

According to People, that total is tops for regular-season play. Jennings was not to be denied. He was working as a software engineer in Utah before going out to Los Angeles. Once he made it onto the show’s stage, the rest is history.

Jennings was able to turn his success into more than he probably could have dreamed. Once the streak was over, he hit the talk-show circuit. Jennings visited Late Show with David Letterman, Nightline, and Live with Regis and Kelly.

Ken Jennings Takes Full Control As Show Host

But that’s not all. Jennings must love game shows because he’s been on other ones and scored victories. For Jeopardy! fans, they are happy to have him as their only host. Several people constantly complained about Mayim Bialik being on there. Well, those fans can stand down now. Jennings is the lone host for Jeopardy! and that includes tournament play, too.

Other champions on the show, like Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider, tried to overcome Jennings in game-show action. But he was able to hold onto his placement. Schneider has the second-longest match win streak at 40. She also pocketed $1,382,800 from her win streak.

Amodio won 38 straight games and scored $1,518,601 for his regular season. He’ll remain one of the big-time Jeopardy! winners in its Hall of Fame. In 2019, James Holzhauer, a gambling man out of Las Vegas, came to the show. He scored a 32-match straight victory. His $2,462,127 puts him in second place for earnings during the show’s regular season. But he does rank as No. 1 in single-game winnings for $131,127.

Jennings Attended Washington, BYU

Jennings was born in the state of Washington but lived overseas in his childhood. He enrolled at the University of Washington after finishing high school. While he went there, Jennings embarked on a two-year missionary trip for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He came back home and enrolled at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He was part of the school’s quiz bool squad. From there, Jennings went to work for a software company in Utah. It was while he was there that Jennings applied to go on Jeopardy. He was accepted and that started Jennings’ new journey for the game show.