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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Gets Engaged

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Gets Engaged

Wedding bells are on the horizon for How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor. 

The 49-year-old singer and actor broke the news while playing for a sold-out crowd in New York City on Nov. 15. Following a performance of Brooklyn Girl, he admitted that he wrote the song after meeting a woman at one of his friends’ “psychedelic” events. Then he added, “In an unexpected twist, we’re getting married.”

Who he’s marrying is as much of a mystery for him as it was for Ted Mosby during the first 207 episodes of How I Met Your Mother, though. Radnor has previously been linked to Eastwick’s Lindsay Price, who had a guest role in his long-running series, and Friday Night Lights Minka Kelly. But he’s always opted for a private romantic life and refuses to share details of his relationships.

His wife-to-be has stayed completely out of the limelight over the course of her and Radnor’s relationship. In fact, it isn’t even clear when the two began dating. 

Radnor and his fiance can be traced back to at least 2022. At that time, he was about to release Fleishman Is in Trouble. And he told Page Six that he had a girlfriend, whom he had met just before filming the miniseries. 

“During the filming of this, I was very much newly with someone [who] I’m still with and continue to be very excited about,” he revealed.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Josh Radnor Is Living With His Fiance in Brooklyn

It’s possible Radnor has been dating his bride-to-be back in 2021, however. While chatting on the YouTube series Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson, he admitted he was seeing someone. And they had a sort of openness with each other that he’d never experienced before. 

“I feel more honest in this relationship than I’ve ever been, and she is too,” he admitted. “We just are able to have these uncomfortable conversations without feeling like the relationship is threatened and… it’s going to blow everything up or we’re going to get in a big fight.”

Earlier this month, he shared with PEOPLE that he and his now-fiance had been living together in Brooklyn. His recent album, Eulogy, Vol. I was partially inspired by being in love with her. 

“There’s a lot of death imagery on the album,” he said. “But I mean it both literally and metaphorically. A lot of it is about looking at the endings of chapters in your life and then finding the beauty in the beginning of a new chapter.”