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‘Home Alone’ Actor Ken Hudson Campbell Diagnosed With Cancer, Preparing for Surgery

‘Home Alone’ Actor Ken Hudson Campbell Diagnosed With Cancer, Preparing for Surgery

Actor Ken Hudson Campbell, who played Santa Claus in the Macaulay Culkin film Home Alone, has been diagnosed with cancer. Campbell, 61, received his diagnosis on October 27. His family has let the world know that he’s prepping for a lengthy surgery.

Campbell also appeared in the movies Groundhog Day and Armageddon. “We need the world’s help to save Ken,” Michaela, his daughter, said on a GoFundMe page that was created on his behalf. “A tumor had elusively grown on the bottom of his mouth and it began encroaching on his teeth. 

“On December 7th, he is scheduled for a 10-hour surgery, during which a large part of his jawbone will be removed, along with his lymph nodes, and part of his leg bone,” Michaela said. “Surgeons plan to reconstruct a new jaw for Ken from this leg bone, install it, and treat him with radiation. He will have a 6-month recovery period & Chemo may be needed afterward as well.”

Ken Hudson Campbell Faces Long Recovery

The family is looking at Campbell being hospitalized for about a week. It looks like he will need a feeding tube, skin grafts, and a tracheotomy. Also, they are looking to move Campbell into a care facility later on. They believe he will need more speech and physical therapy.

The GoFundMe page was created in order to help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses while Campbell recovers. There’s already more than $65,000 in the GoFundMe account for Campbell, People reports.

“Ken Campbell is a family man. A loving father of two children with an admirable lust for life, and a passion for acting, writing, & sports,” the post reads. “It is possible that this procedure will affect his ability to work as an actor in the future. We are asking for your help so that Kenny can use the time ahead to return to health, and spend more time with family & friends. Every prayer, positive thought, dollar, or gesture of support means the world to our family.”

A Number of Stars Have Contributed To His Care

A number of stars have contributed to Campbell’s GoFundMe. They include Jeff Garlin, Tim Meadows, Steve Carell, and Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady.

Campbell himself went on Instagram last week to share his diagnosis and GoFundMe information. He told his followers, “Never thought I’d be posting this.” Fans were busy leaving well-wishes for Campbell in the comments section.

Campbell is from Elmhurst, Ill. He headed to film school at Columbia College in Chicago. Then Campbell moved along to join the famed comedy troupe Second City. While there, he worked with people like Bob Odenkirk, Chris Farley, and even Carell. Working with Second City helped Campbell get his part in Home Alone. Besides his movie and television work, Campbell also finds time to be a voice actor.

Last month, Campbell made a guest appearance on the Seinfeld-based The Place To Be podcast. He appeared in a Season 7 episode titled The Seven as a character named Ken.