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‘Good Burger’s Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Reflect on ‘Brotherhood’ 30 Years After Nickelodeon Debut

‘Good Burger’s Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Reflect on ‘Brotherhood’ 30 Years After Nickelodeon Debut

With Good Burger 2 set to premiere on Nov. 22, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reflected on their decades-long friendship. 

Although they began their friendship on the set of All That in the mid-’90s, the Good Burger 2 stars admitted they ended up falling out of touch with each other over the years. During their recent interview with People, Thompson said he and Mitchell had to rekindle their childhood friendship after distancing from each other as adults. 

“It was just kind of seeking an individual establishment,” Thompson explained. “Because we were children when we met and then we grew into adults. We had yet to kind of discover what our adult life was like without work being involved.”

The Good Burger 2 actor noted that his friendship with Mitchell was not forced. “But you’re forced to go to work every day,” he continued. “You know what I’m saying? So we wanted a version where we were able to decide for ourselves what we were going to be doing and pursuing kind of thing.” 

Mitchell went on to say that his time apart from Thompson was like childhood friends going off to college. It wasn’t until a “game-changing” phone call that they decided to reunite. 

“I think we had a conversation on the phone one time. I remember that conversation,” he recalled. “We talked for at least about an hour or two and just was like, ‘Yeah, man.’ We’re talking about everything. And that bond was there, which I think is awesome. It’s cool to see the dynamic of us as adults. Kenan and Kel as adults.”

‘Good Burger 2’ Stars Talk About  the ‘Brotherhood’ They Have 

Meanwhile, when asked what he cherishes most about their friendship, Kel Mitchell spoke about the “brotherhood” he shares with Kenan Thompson. 

“These are reminding moments,” Mitchell explained. “It’s a brotherhood. We’ve known each other since we were kids. We both had our own journeys and journeys together. It’s a friendship that has been [able to last] over a test of time, which is super awesome.”

Thompson pointed out that the long-running friendship is “more solid” than it’s ever been. “We were so bonded when we were young because we spent so much time working. And we spent so much time hanging out together as well because we were very similar in our families. We’re so close.”

Thompson went on to add that now he and Mitchell have reconnected there is no feeling of “missing out” on each other’s lives. “It’s such a pleasure and that guaranteed somebody’s got your back feeling at any given moment in the room. Everything is just easy.”