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‘Full House’ Cast Has Tearful Reunion to Honor Late Bob Saget

‘Full House’ Cast Has Tearful Reunion to Honor Late Bob Saget

Bob Saget died two years ago and his Full House castmates gathered together for a special reunion to remember their friend. John Stamos, Andrea Barber, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, and Jodie Sweetin got together for an online conversation. Saget played Danny Tanner on the very popular ABC sitcom.

While on a comedy tour in Florida, Saget fell in his hotel room and was found dead by authorities. It later was determined that Saget died from head trauma. That happened on January 9, 2022, and he was 65 years old at the time.

In the clip shared by Barber, Stamos, and Coulier on their Instagram accounts, Sweetin talked about at times seeing someone who looks like Saget. She said that it’s “stopped me more than once” when talking about this occurrence.

John Stamos: Bob Saget’s Death Still Hurts Him

Stamos said that Saget’s death still feels like a “sharp pain” in his own body. He said that it probably will never go away. Amid their chat, they showed a video clip of Saget crying at Bure’s wedding. Coulier made the point that it’s important to keep loved ones alive in their hearts. This is done by talking about them and celebrating their lives, he said.

Bure said that Saget’s death marked the closest person in her life to have died. She, too, admits that grief remains something that Bure deals with from time to time. “It’s been so nice to have people just sit in the grief with you, and I never realized that before,” Bure said.

Kelly Rizzo, Saget’s widow, also marked the second anniversary of his death on Instagram. Rizzo shared one of the last photos she received from him. It shows Saget up close to the camera. Saget’s guitar is resting on a stool in the background.

“I will forever be grateful that I got to share life with this extraordinary person for 6 years,” Rizzo wrote. “What a blessing. And grateful I can look back on endless memories and photos and videos with smiles, laughter, and yes…still tears. It is such a gift I was able to know his complete and all-encompassing love and heart.”

Stamos expanded on his thoughts about Saget in his own Instagram post. “Part of me wishes I wouldn’t get used to this feeling,” he said. “To not think about it every minute means I’m getting used to him not being here. But then, I know Bob would want me to get on with my life. Yet, letting it drift away feels wrong too. It’s such a drag that death is a part of life.”

‘Full House’ Cast Members Share Their Grief, Love

The video reunion with the Full House cast allowed them to share their thoughts and feelings about Saget. Saget became a familiar face on the comedy tour circuit. He’d developed a brand of comedy that wasn’t in the same ballpark as Full House. But fans who grew up watching him filled up nightclubs to see him perform.

A bit after Saget’s death, Rizzo shared with her Instagram followers that she had gotten a tattoo in honor of Saget. This allows her to have something permanent on her body as a remembrance. It’s also pretty obvious that Rizzo and these other close friends of Saget still love and miss him to this day.