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‘Friends’ Star Lisa Kudrow Pens Heartfelt Tribute to Matthew Perry, Fans React

‘Friends’ Star Lisa Kudrow Pens Heartfelt Tribute to Matthew Perry, Fans React

Lisa Kudrow became the latest Friends cast member to write a lovely, intimate portrait of Matthew Perry on Wednesday. Earlier on Wednesday, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer also shared personal notes about Perry.

Last month, Perry died in a hot tub at his home. Kudrow took to Instagram for her tribute. In it, she posted a throwback photo of her with Perry.

One fan wrote to the show’s Instagram account, “We keep watching friends every day, it’s only way we know and we have to say thank you.” This fan made the powerful connection between Kudrow and Matthew Perry on the show. “I’m out of words… We all lost a friend… All five of you made such beautiful tribute and memories for all of us regarding Matthew…. Thank you for that …”

This fan, who calls their Instagram account “rosswithrachel,” wrote, “Please never stop sharing about him. We miss him so much”. And this fan had an overall comment to share. They wrote, “So much love all over the world. Beautiful to see. Always”.

‘Friends’ Fan Loves Lisa Kudrow Message For Matthew Perry

But this fan specifically focused on Kudrow’s message. They wrote, “And that’s the last of the friends to let him go … Guess life will never be the same again.” So, this fan sent a collective love message to the cast. They said, “much love and condolences to you Lisa, you guys and girls were a really important part of my most close circle of friendship.”

Meanwhile, this Friends fan was remembering Matthew Perry and the other cast members on the show. “Thank you ALL for being FRIENDS who helped me and many others laugh when the times were tough”. And another fan expresses their deep love for the show and its cast members. They wrote, “Such a beautiful words! It was a very sad lost for all of us who love Friends so deeply.I’m sure he was very proud of all of you!”

Well, this fan expresses personal sadness over Perry’s death. “Mathew will live in my heart, always, forever,” the fan wrote.

Another fan looked to sum up Kudrow’s message in their own words. The fan wrote, “So beautifully said Lisa and written so for loss of your beloved friend Matty he was a beautiful soul he was funny and full of life the world has lost a light that shine from up above just know he at peace flying with angels he will never be forgotten Matty…we love”. There were plenty of heart and teary emojis shared by fans across social media. Another fan simply wrote, “My heart rn”.

While fans join Kudrow in mourning Matthew Perry’s death, they can still see the whole gang together. Friends is shown on Comedy Central, Nick at Night, TBS, and on certain TV stations under syndication deals. Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox are also in the show’s cast.