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Frankie Muniz on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’s Dewey Actor: ‘I Don’t Know What He’s Up To’

Frankie Muniz on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’s Dewey Actor: ‘I Don’t Know What He’s Up To’

Frankie Muniz recently revealed that he reached out to the parents of one of his Malcolm in the Middle costars to learn his whereabouts. Muniz portrayed the main character in the show, while Erik Per Sullivan took on the role of Dewey, the youngest child of the popular sitcom family. Several of the stars of the show have maintained a high profile since the series wrapped in 2006. Bryan Cranston reinvented himself as Walter White in the acclaimed Breaking Bad. Meanwhile, Muniz stays busy in Hollywood, playing himself in an episode of Harley Quinn back in 2019.

However, the same can’t be said for Sullivan, who hasn’t acted since 2010. Malcolm in the Middle was brought back into the limelight when Marvel’s WandaVision did a whole episode emulating its beloved sitcom style. It left some fans pondering what Sullivan, now in his 30s, has been up to. In a recent interview with Malcolm France (via Lad Bible), Muniz shared that he is uncertain about Sullivan’s current endeavors.

“To be honest, I don’t know what he’s up to,” Muniz explains in the video. “I hate to say that because I’ve talked to him a few times since the show ended.” However, Frankie keeps in close contact with Sullivan’s parents. “I’ve talked to his parents a lot,” he adds. “When I was in the band, we went and played in the city where he lives and his parents came to the show but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. So I got to talk to them, and he’s been all over doing a lot of different things.”

Frankie Muniz Weighs in on Why Sullivan has Avoided the Spotlight

While it’s not much of an update on Sullivan, Muniz understands the need to stay out of Hollywood. “One thing I know, some actors or some people just got to do it when they were a kid. Then they wanted to experience other things and kind of live a more normal life out of the spotlight.” Of course, Muniz supports his old sitcom costar. “I think that’s what he wanted to do so good for him,” he concluded.

However, fans still hope for an update. An Instagram page seemingly belonging to him has been noticed, though not officially confirmed. In January 2021, a picture was posted, showing a grown-up Sullivan. The same happened in April of that year. Despite many comments urging a response, communication from this enigmatic actor remains scarce. Regardless, fans hold out that the former child star is living his best life.

Meanwhile, Frankie Muniz is pursuing his passion for auto racing. The 37-year-old made a strong showing at the ARCA Racing Series this past summer.