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Erin Murphy Net Worth: How the ‘Bewitched’ Star Made Her Millions

Erin Murphy Net Worth: How the ‘Bewitched’ Star Made Her Millions

Erin Murphy has been a fixture on television for decades, thanks to her role as Tabitha on Bewitched – so, what’s her net worth?

Murphy started playing Tabitha, daughter of Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) and Darrin Stephens (Dick York and Dick Sargent), in 1966. She was just a wee toddler at the time, sharing screen time with her sister Diane. But Erin and Diane, as they grew up, started to look a little different. Therefore, the decision to stick with Erin was made. She played the littlest witch on the ABC sitcom until its run ended in 1972.

What is Erin Murphy’s Net Worth?

Largely thanks to her time as Tabitha on Bewitched, Erin Murphy’s net worth is around $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Mind you, there’s only so far she could go playing Tabitha. Sure, in past years, she’s embraced the role and even gone to ComicCon-type events or fan conventions. Murphy has had quite a diverse career trajectory, whether it’s being a guest star on Lassie or appearing in more than 100 commercials.

Erin Murphy Spends Time as Prolific Writer

Murphy also is a prolific writer, covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty circles. She has spent time as an inspirational and motivational speaker. These things help boost the net worth of Erin Murphy. Additional TV work includes appearances on Fox Reality Channel and TVLand. Meanwhile, other shows she’s been on include I Know My Kid’s a Star with Danny Bonaduce, 1 vs. 100 starring Bob Saget, and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

She’s been married three times and has six children from them. Murphy also has found time to do infomercials as all these financial resource paths bring abundance her way

One of Murphy’s sons has autism, so she’s spoken out about it. She has been willing in the past to talk about it openly. Murphy has taken her celebrity, found good uses for it, and made a significant impact on her own life.

Let’s backtrack a little bit about Bewitched. The show was a smash hit for ABC, making Montgomery an instant star on the small screen. Back in 1972, when the series came to an end, there may have been some people who believed ABC canceled the show. Well, Murphy is here to set the record straight.

“We weren’t canceled,” Murphy told Fox New Digital. “We’d been picked up for two more seasons. So we went on our hiatus thinking we were going to come back a month or two [later], and we never did. … They sent a letter to our house [stating] that they decided not to continue. So, I went to Girl Scout camp.”

Elizabeth Montgomery Tackled Other Roles

This story also adds a little backstory to the scene. Montgomery’s marriage to Bewitched director William Asher was ending in 1972 and she was taking up with Richard Michaels. He, by the way, was the other director for Bewitched.

After Bewitched ended, Montgomery did dive into other types of roles. One of her more infamous ones was playing Lizzie Borden in a 1975 TV movie, The Legend of Lizzie Borden. Sadly, Montgomery died in 1995 after being diagnosed with colon cancer. She was 62 years old.

Erin Murphy, who keeps on building her net worth, has tender memories of hanging around Montgomery on the show’s set. “She was just a cool lady,” Murphy said. “She was hardworking. (And) she was … a boss babe.”

“She didn’t just show up for the job. She was heavily involved with the production of the show. (And) she also wasn’t afraid to change her image. I think, a lot of times, actors especially get stuck in the role that they’re famous for, and people can’t see them for anything else outside of that. But she easily shifted to darker movies. She did the switch so seamlessly. I think it’s inspiring.”