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Eminem Refuses to Upgrade From Blackberry Phone Despite 2022 Network Shutdown

Eminem Refuses to Upgrade From Blackberry Phone Despite 2022 Network Shutdown

There’s a simple reason behind veteran rapper Eminem’s quirky social media posts: Slim Shady’s still rockin’ the BlackBerry! The 51-year-old wordsmith remains devoted to his Blackberry phone, even after the network shutdown more than two years ago.

Eminem was seen using the outdated device, tapping away on the small keyboard of a Blackberry in an Instagram post that DJ Whoo Kid shared last week.

The DJ penned a caption about Eminem attempting to uncover the culprit who devoured his meal from his Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. Perhaps anticipating fan reactions to Slim Shady using the antiquated device, DJ Whoo Kid confirmed Em’s choice of phones. “And by the way, yes, he still has a Blackberry phone,” Whoo Kid quipped in the caption.

Eminem’s Fellow Rapper Seemed to Anticipate Chatter About His Blackberry

The 15-time Grammy award winner sat on a couch next to DJ Whoo Kid and Denaun Porter in a dressing room. In the picture, the 8 Mile star sported a graphic T-shirt featuring the album cover of Too Short’s Short Dog’s in the House. Eminem also sported a stylish watch and bracelets while tapping on his Blackberry.

In January 2022, essential services were discontinued, leaving Eminem’s Blackberry limited to calls and texts only. Apparently, that’s enough for the Hip-hop legend.

Eminem’s Blackberry Was Spotted in a Post About His Mom’s Spaghetti Resturant

In DJ Whoo Kid’s post, he shared two additional photos featuring a takeout box from Eminem’s restaurant. He humorously mentioned indulging in Eminem’s food and teasing their friend Denaun. The trio expressed solidarity with Mom’s Spaghetti after a recent negative review gained widespread attention.

The rapper’s restaurant, named after a famous line from his song “Lose Yourself”, received a recent poor review from a food critic. Mr. Chimetime, a renowned food vlogger, posted a YouTube video last Saturday labeling a restaurant in Detroit as ‘the worst’.

“‘This is by far the worst spaghetti that I have ever had in my entire life of eating spaghetti,’ Mr. Chimetime claimed in his video. Eminem initially launched Mom’s Spaghetti as a pop-up store in 2017. Fast forward four years, he established a permanent location at the same spot.

Meanwhile, fans far from the Detroit restaurant have the chance to savor the restaurant’s renowned red sauce. You can get a single jar of delectable Mom’s Spaghetti pasta sauce for just $13, or go for the better deal of two jars for $25 at momsspaghetti.com.