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Elaine Devry, Former Wife of Mickey Rooney, Dead at 93

Elaine Devry, Former Wife of Mickey Rooney, Dead at 93

Actress Elaine Devry, who starred in films such as Herbie Rides Again and Diary of a Madman, has passed away at 93.

Dervry died on September 20, at her home in Grants Pass, Oregon, according to the funeral home Hull & Hull. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that the news broke. There is no known cause of death. 

The starlet was Mickey Rooney’s fourth wife. The two married in a Las Vegas wedding in 1952. At the time, she had not yet broken into Hollywood. Instead, she was working as a carhop at a drive-in diner. But the following year, she made her screenside debut in Rooney’s A Slight Case of Larceny. She also starred opposite her then-husband in the 1954 movie, The Atomic Kid

Following her divorce, Elaine Devry remained in Hollywood and worked in other high-profile films such as A Guide for the Married Man, starring Walter Matthau and directed by Gene Kelly. She also played in The Cheyenne Social Club with James Stewart and Henry Fonda. In total, the actress starred in 47 projects before retiring in 1999.

Elaine Devry is Survived by 2 Children

Elaine Devry was born in Compton, California, on Jan. 10, 1930, as Thelma Elaine Mahnken. She married her high school boyfriend when she was 18 and relocated to Montana. When the couple divorced in 1952, she moved back to California, where she met Rooney at a driving range. The two married only months later and remained together until 1958. The actress claimed the relationship fell apart because she was still in love with her former husband. 

Devry met fellow actor Will J. White in 1961 while they were making joint appearances on The Dick Powell Theater. White starred in series such as Leave It to BeaverThe Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and The Wild Wild West. The two dated for 14 years before saying “I do” in 1975. The couple remained together until White passed in 1992. 

Elaine Devry is survived by her two children, whom she shared with Rooney.