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Eddie Van Halen’s Son, Wolfgang, Says ‘I Do’

Eddie Van Halen’s Son, Wolfgang, Says ‘I Do’

Congratulations are in order! Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, officially said “I do” to the love of his life, Andraia Allsop, on the eighth anniversary of the couple’s first day.

According to People, the couple exchanged vows during an intimate ceremony in their Los Angeles home on Sunday (October 15th). Van Halen and his blushing bride then celebrated with 90 of their close friends and family. The media outlet reported that Wolfgang and Andraia had been dating for eight years before becoming husband and wife. 

“Our goal was just to bring all of our closest family and friends together,” Van Halen’s now-wife explained to the media outlet. “The past few years, not only with the world, but also with personal tragedies, haven’t been the easiest, but we wanted to create this wedding as a celebration not only just for us to get married, but a celebration for the people we love.” 

Allsop also said that the ceremony took place in her and Van Halen’s living room so they could “have privacy and just have our moment together” with guests before going to the backyard to have their reception. One of Van Halen’s closest family friends officiated the ceremony. “He’s the dad of one of my best men,” Wolfgang explained. “And he’s just an important guy in our life.” 

Allsop further shared that she walked down the aisle with her father to Dean Martin’s Everybody Loves Somebody. She told People that Martin is one of her favorite performers. “I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a perfect song,” she gushed. I need a Dean Martin song.” 

Van Halen’s blushing bride added her grandmothers as flower girls. She described it as a sweet touch to involve both her grandmothers in the event.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mother Talks About the Exciting Event

Meanwhile, Valerie Bertinelli, the mother of Wolfgang Van Halen spoke out about her son’s special day. “It brings me such a nice sense of peace knowing Wolfie and Andrea have each other for the rest of her lives,” Bertinelli told People. She also stated that the couple really “get” each other as well. 

“Their humor is very similar,” Bertinelli continued. “They like similar things, they know how to give each other space and they’re just so comfortable together.” 

Bertinelli also spoke about how her late ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen, would have been during the wedding. She noted he would have been “absolutely beaming” and so proud of the man Wolfgang has become. “[He would have been] so happy that [Wolfgang] has found Andaria,” Bertinelli explained. “Someone who really understands Wolfie, who he is, and who he wants to be and supports him wholeheartedly.”