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‘Dynasty’s Joan Collins Reveals Marilyn Monroe’s Warning About the ‘Wolves’ of Hollywood

‘Dynasty’s Joan Collins Reveals Marilyn Monroe’s Warning About the ‘Wolves’ of Hollywood

When Joan Collins was a newcomer in Old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe offered her a piece of advice that she never forgot. 

While talking to Fox News Digital, the now 90-year-old recalled the one and only time she spoke with the legendary blonde. Collins had just arrived in LA and was invited to a party with all of the 1950s biggest stars. 

“She was sitting at the bar at Gene Kelly’s house. Gene Kelly and a group of friends were talking animatedly about politics. She was looking lonely and lost.”

Collins walked over and introduced herself to the “nondescript” beauty. 

“I also felt lonely and lost,” she continued. “I had just come to Hollywood; I was 20 years old and feeling a bit out of it. So I went and spoke to her. She was very sweet, gentle, kind.”

At that time, the future Dynasty actress had just landed her first leading role. She was set to star in The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing as Evelyn Nesbit, which was originally Monroe’s role. But the producers decided she was too old for the movie at only 27.

Joan Collins Later Learned That Marilyn Monroe Was Right 

Despite acknowledging that Joan Collins had replaced her in the film, Marilyn Monroe remained kind, and Collins recalled them chatting “just like girlfriends.” The two drank martinis and laughed until Monore “poured out a cautionary tale.”

“She gave me some good advice,” Collins admitted. “She said, ‘Watch out for the wolves in Hollywood, honey.’ I told her, ‘Well, I’ve been an actress for three years already doing British films, and we have wolves there, too.’ My father gave me good advice on how to deal with them.”

Monroe persisted, saying, “All of us had to put up with having our bottoms patted and men leering down our cleavage in the British film industry. That’s nothing compared to the studio power bosses.”

Joan Collins also shared her encounter with Marilyn Monroe in her recently released memoir, Behind the Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends. But in the pages, she also shared that she learned Monoroe was right after having countless inappropriate run-ins with producers, directors, and actors. 

Fortunately, Joan Collins persisted in Hollywood, even after various men threatened to ruin her career. But Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose only nine years later.