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Drew Barrymore and Dermot Mulroney Share Tearjerking Reunion

Drew Barrymore and Dermot Mulroney Share Tearjerking Reunion

It’s always a treat when old friends meet up again and Drew Barrymore received a pleasant shock by seeing Dermot Mulroney. Both stars appeared together in the 1994 film Bad Girls. We don’t know when the last time Barrymore and Mulroney actually saw one another before this reunion. But you can tell pretty quickly how much the movie stars connect with each other.

Mulroney popped through the doors of The Drew Barrymore Show after fellow Bad Girls stars Andie MacDowell and Mary Stuart Masterson showed up. When Mulroney walked through those doors, Barrymore was immediately overcome with emotion.

If you watch Mulroney closely, too, then you can see he also is emotionally caught up in the moment. What’s cool about moments like this one is that there’s no scripted part. It is simply two friends seeing one another again after a long, long time.

Tears Flow Easily For Drew Barrymore

The Drew Barrymore Show offered up a preview clip ahead of this episode. Barrymore, upon seeing Mulroney walk through the doors, puts her face in her hands. The emotion of the moment caught up with her. While getting a place on her show’s couch alongside Mulroney, Barrymore said, “I am freaking out right now.”

Mulroney handed a couple of Kleenexes to Barrymore, but soon he, too, was caught up in the emotion of the moment.

Drew Barrymore looked at Mulroney and said, “You were so good to me. I really was like a lost 17-year-old. I know I was having so much fun, but I didn’t know how to take care of myself and you took such good care of me. You were so kind to me and protected me.”

Dermot Mulroney Couldn’t Hold Back Emotions

Mulroney said, “I’m so happy to see you.” Then, Drew Barrymore addressed her studio audience who had been watching all of this take place. She said that as a teenager, “I was wild, guys. I was really, really wild.”

Mulroney was holding hands with Barrymore, then he broke down in tears, Today reports. “Sorry guys, I cry now,” he said. “I knew I was going to and I came anyway, and I decided I’m going to go ahead and cry in public.”

Others in the cast of Bad Girls include Robert Loggia, James Russo, and Madeleine Stowe. On IMDb, the movie has a 5.2-star rating out of 10. While the movie had a pretty solid cast, reviewers were not too kind to Bad Girls. This film also found itself in the midst of Barrymore moving from child to adult roles. As she said in the clip, Drew Barrymore was still a teenager when Bad Girls was filmed.

Besides Bad Girls, the two actors paired up again in 2012 for Big Miracle. That movie’s plot is about a reporter, played by John Krasinski, who happens to find a big story to follow.

While Barrymore does have an extensive movie career to her name, it appears that she’s found a good rhythm with her talk show. Her show’s numbers reportedly are good and Barrymore has a lot of fun on there. She has a regular segment called Drew’s News, where Barrymore will talk about interesting topics. Barrymore appears in this segment along with Ross Matthews.