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Dolly Parton Sports NEW Dallas Cowboys Outfit Following Epic Halftime Show

Dolly Parton Sports NEW Dallas Cowboys Outfit Following Epic Halftime Show

Fans remain abuzz over Thursday’s Dolly Parton halftime show performance. Now a video surfaced featuring a different Dallas Cowboys outfit. The septuagenarian country music legend sported a stunning cheerleader outfit, complete with shorts and a crop top, layered over a glistening nude bodysuit. This attention-grabbing attire was showcased during the halftime show at the match between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders.

Parton kicked off the halftime show with her beloved anthem “Jolene,” smoothly transitioning to another timeless hit, “9 to 5.” She then delighted the audience with her rendition of Queen’s iconic anthem, “We Are the Champions.” However, much of the fanfare over the performance was the 77-year-old rocking a cheerleader outfit.

It appears that Dolly had access to a few Dallas Cowboys-themed outfits for her halftime show. USA Today posted a video of the Country Queen wearing an altogether different ensemble at the AT&T Stadium. Parton’s limbs are adorned in silver sequin, framed with Navy blue stripes like a Cowboy’s football jersey. Meanwhile, her torso is tightly wrapped in a white top featuring a sparkling navy blue star over her left hip.

It’s Clear Dolly Parton Knew Her Halftime Show Outfit Would Be a Hit

In the video, Dolly Parton hints that her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, was an inspiration for the halftime show performance. “Well, my husband is a big sports fan and a big rock’n’roll fan as well,” she said. To her, it seemed like the performance was a good combination that her husband would get a kick out of.

Parton was also confident that her husband would be watching the performance. “[My husband] loves the Cowboys too, by the way, so I’m sure he’ll be watching the show,” she reasoned.

The music legend also seemed to know her other outfit was going to cause a fuss. “I’m gonna be dressed to the nines,” she hinted. She then went on to downplay the costume theme quite a bit. “I’m gonna be kind of representing the Dallas Cowboys,” she teased.

Last month, it was announced that Parton would be the halftime performer for this year’s Thanksgiving Day game. In a press statement, she expressed her gratitude for the partnership with The Salvation Army, calling it “an honor.”

The singer-songwriter unveiled her highly anticipated album, Rockstar, on November 17. The album boasts 30 tracks that showcase a fusion of covers and original songs. Parton also managed to rope in several high-profile collaborators, such as Paul McCartney, Sting, Elton John, Pink, and many others.